Gilgit Baltistan:
Awami Action Committee
postpones sit-in, but
movement to continue


Gilgit Baltistan: The Awami Action Committee has postponed for three weeks a week-long sit-in against the Gilgit-Baltistan after negotiations with the Pakistan government. The site of the sit-in, Ittehad Chowk, was also subsequently vacated, the publication reported. The AAC, an alliance of political and religious parties and traders’ unions had previously announced that it would continue protests till the government accepted their 15-point charter of demands.

The leaders of the AAC had on Friday declared specific demands for the provincial government of Gilgit Baltistan. These include the restoration of the subsidised wheat price at the 2022 level, suspension of the Finance Act 2022, withdrawal of various taxes, ensuring GB’s share in the NFC award, and the provision of land ownership rights to locals.
AAC Chief Coordinator, Advocate Ehsan Ali said that the movement has just started and more fronts have to be prepared. He further said that the AAC will prepare for a more organized movement in collaboration with all schools of thought political and social parties, and associations in all districts, according to Daily K2.
Alo also extended thanks to those who cooperated wholeheartedly with the Committee and helped at the individual level. AAC Co-ordinator Fida Hussain said that the victory of the nation is yet to come, adding that a notification of the tax suspension has just been issued.
The Gilgit-Baltistan authority had suspended tax collection after heavy protests over the government’s decision to hike wheat prices and discontinue subsidies.
Currently, taxes are being levied under the Finance Act 2023, which has been suspended as per the orders of the Chief Minister and no tax will be applicable until the amendments in this act.
AAC co-coordinator Hussain stressed that coordination work should be done to get the notification removed from the assembly and to work to promote peace and brotherhood.
Ghulam Abbas, a member of the negotiating committee, said that all kinds of tactics were adopted to weaken the movement of the Awami Action Committee, but the people’s power has met its demands.
He also stressed that if the agreement is not implemented or if delaying tactics are used, the people will come out on the streets again and they are hopeful that the government will work and abide by the agreement.
He further emphasised that if the declaration to suspend taxes is not implemented within three weeks, they will join the people with full force and a sit-in will be held at the same Ittehad Chowk.(ANI)