Fake website is
providing incorrect
information of PTI-
backed candidates


ISLAMABAD: PTI officials have alleged that a fake web portal — mimicking one launched by the party to provide information on party-backed independent candidates contesting the polls — had been created and was providing incorrect information to voters.

The claim is true since the candidate information provided by the website in question, pticandidate.com, was not corroborated by the official lists issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) or the party’s records.

Real website of PTI
Real website of PTI

According to fact-checking platform iVerify Pakistan, PTI activist Azhar Mashwani posted on social media platform X on Wednesday that the party’s official web portal for obtaining information on candidates was pticandidates.com.

“A couple of people are trying to spread misinformation by creating a website with a similar name,” he said, pointing out that the URL for the official portal had ‘candidates’ while the alleged fake had ‘candidate’.

This screengrab shows the front page of PTIcandidate.com.
This screengrab shows the front page of PTIcandidate.com.

PTI social media head Jibran Ilyas also reiterated the same. “Fake site has been created by some cheaters with wrong candidate information. The domain with ‘candidates’ is correct, fake one doesn’t have the ‘s’ in candidates,” he said.

It should be noted that the party on Tuesday had “relaunched” its web portal for voters wanting to get information on PTI-backed independent candidates.

“Write your national or provincial assembly constituency: The name of the candidate, his election symbol, and his WhatsApp channel will appear in front of you.”

The platform next investigated the alleged fake portal to determine if the information provided was corroborated by the ECP’s official candidate lists issued on Sunday, the PTI’s official list of candidates contesting on National Assembly seats or information provided by messaging on party chief Imran Khan’s official Facebook account.