Tributes were
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Geelani in


BIRMINGHAM – Life and struggle of Syed Ali Geelani was commemorated during a one-day conference in Birmingham to recall contributions of the veteran Kashmiri leader.

Hosted by Tehreek-e-Kashmir (TeK) UK, the speakers during the conference paid tributes to Geelani, who attained died on Sept. 01, 2021 in Indian custody at his residence in Hyderpora where he was under house arrest.

Syed Ali Geelani
Syed Ali Geelani

“Shaheed Geelani Sahab made it amply clear to the brave Kashmiri nation that India can never be our friend,” TeK President Fahim Kayani told the conference, which saw wide participation. “It is incumbent upon us, in Kashmir and outside, to follow his words, which he proved right with his own life.

Asif Luqman Qazi, chief guest on the occasion recalled Shaheed Geelani’s love for the cause of Islam, freedom of Kashmir and Pakistan.

“The legend of Syed Geelani shows that with strong faith and commitment, any military might will bow down the will of people,” Qazi told the conference.

Expressing unflinching support to Kashmiris in their battle against India, Qazi said: “the resistance against India needs a strong character and that is what Shaheed Geelani Sahab showed.”

Muhammad Afsar Shahid, former minister of AJK said “No international law allows abduction of dead people. What Indian forces with the body of Shaheed Geelani is shame and remorseful,”

Nazir Ahmed Qureshi, Muhammad Ghalib, Dr Riaz Ahmed and Dr Hamad Lodhi also spoke on the occasion demanded that body of Shaheed Geelani be returned to Kashmiri nation for respectful final rites.

Reiterating their call for end to Indian occupation of Kashmir by India, the speakers said: “the rank and file of Kashmiri resistance groupings must stand steadfast against the Hindutva ideology.”

“Times change and time will change for better days for Kashmiris and we will see India vacating Kashmir soon,” they added.