Shakil Salam
honoured with
Achievement Award


BURNLEY: The Burnley and Pendle Friends League (BPFL) presented a lifetime achievement award to Shakil Salam at the Pakistan Day Celebrations at the Ambulance Hall in Nelson.

Shakil began his career in journalism in the 1980s working for BBC Radio Lancashire and national Urdu newspaper, The Nation and later the Daily Jang.

Shakil Salam receiving award
Shakil Salam receiving award

He went to work for numerous television channels such Ummah TV and Dunya Global TV.

According to Asian Image, he now produces community news reports in both Urdu and English for Samaa TV. The award aimed to recognise his efforts and hard work recognition for producing reports featuring Lancashire audiences.

Former Burnley councillor, Mozaquir Ali, secretary of BPFL, said: “Shakil is someone who is widely known and respected media personality in Lancashire.

“He is amongst the best media journalist in the minority communities, who has served the community for over two decades in both print and electronic media.

“It is only right that he is recognised and this award is well deserved.”

The event was attended by the Mayor of Pendle, Cllr Brian Newman, and Mayor of Burnley, Cllr Arif Khan.

The BPFL also congratulated the two Mayors on their appointments.

Cllr Khan said: “I was overwhelmed with emotions at the reception as I was amongst friends who encouraged and supported me in my role as a Councillor from day one.

“The respect and honour I received was incredible. I am grateful to the organisers and the people who packed the in attendance.”

Cllr Newman said: “It was a great pleasure to attend the celebrations and reception and I am grateful to the BPFl for respect and honour shown displayed.”

Mozaquir Ali added: “It was both a pleasure and privilege to receive the two Mayors of Burnley and Pendle at the celebrations.

“We wish them both well, that the enjoy the mayoralty to the full and do themselves and their boroughs proud.”