East Asia Summit
reaffirm to promote
region as
epicentrum of growth


New Delhi: The East Asia Summit leaders on Thursday, after the conclusion of the 18th edition of the meeting, issued a joint statement reaffirming their commitment to maintaining and promoting the region as an epicentrum of growth.
The statement declared their commitment to be guided by the principles for friendly and mutually beneficial relations and to create a peaceful environment for further enhancing cooperation.
It also called for the strengthening of the existing bonds of friendship among the countries and for the peoples in keeping with the principles of equality, partnership, consultation, and mutual respect to continue to promote peace, security, stability, and prosperity in the region.

“To promote multilateralism based on international law, particularly the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, including to strengthen the regional multilateral architecture to tackle pressing common regional and global issues and challenges, and to support a regional and international order anchored in international law, thus contributing to community building in the region,” the statement read.
It added, “To maintain and promote the region as an epicentrum of growth by building resilience against emerging challenges and future shocks through cooperation on enhancing energy security and food security, maintaining financial stability, and strengthening regional health architecture”.
The statement also expressed commitment towards advancing women’s and youth’s economic empowerment and entrepreneurship, including through inclusive and equitable innovation, trade, business, human capital development, and financial inclusion.
The East Asia Summit leaders also expressed commitment towards enhanced energy security by accelerating clean, sustainable and inclusive energy transition and supporting low-carbon economies in ASEAN.

“Enhance energy security by accelerating clean, sustainable, just, affordable, and inclusive energy transition through various pathways and supporting low carbon economies in ASEAN, including through the mobilisation of finance, access to technology on voluntary and mutually agreed terms, the promotion of innovation, and the development of a regional electric vehicle ecosystem, while noting EAS participating countries’ initiatives in supporting this effort to achieve net zero emissions/carbon neutrality in the region,” the statement read.
The leaders also reaffirmed the commitment towards democratic values, good governance, the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms, tolerance, mutual respect, adherence to social justice, as well as recognising and respecting the diversity of ethnic, religious, cultural traditions and values, views and positions, which contribute to and support equitable and inclusive economic growth.
The joint statement further expressed commitment towards enhancing regional food security through maintaining sustainable food production and distribution and promoting seamless and efficient logistics systems.
“Enhance regional food security for our peoples, including through maintaining sustainable food production and distribution; strengthening climate-smart agriculture; enhancing sustainable and resilient food supply chains; as well as promoting seamless and efficient logistics systems and better trade facilitation consistent with relevant WTO agreements and in accordance with respective national laws and regulations to improve the efficiency of our agri-food systems,” the statement added.
The joint statement also declared commitment towards promoting whole-of-society and whole-of-government collaboration and partnership among East Asia Summit participating countries, international organisations, and other relevant international entities to better protect migrant workers and their family members already residing with them, throughout the entire migration process, including during crisis situations, in accordance with their respective national laws, regulations, and policies, and applicable international law.
Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his remarks at the East Asia Summit on Thursday, said that peace, security, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region is in the interest of all and the positive agenda of QUAD complements the various mechanisms of ASEAN.
He also said that the East Asia Summit is a very important platform and is the only leaders-led mechanism for dialogue and cooperation on strategic matters in the Indo-Pacific region. (ANI)