Dr James Shera
to be conferred
Life President


LONDON: A general meeting of British Pakistani Mayor’s Association (BPMA) will be held on Sunday, 10th September at 2pm at Pakistan Community Centre, 373, London Road, Reading RG1 3PA.

Dr James Shera MBE
Dr James Shera MBE

Further information can be obtained from Hon. Alderman Mushtaq Lasharie, CBE (07867-685229) and Faizullah Khan (07717-742727).

We welcome James Shera SI, HQ former Mayor of Rugby as BPMA Life President due to his extensive services for Pakistanis in UK. He has an excellent and meritorious record as mayor of Rugby and he will be an asset for BPMA.

The aims of BPMA are as follows:


  1. To Encourage British Pakistani/ overseas Pakistanis to integrate/ involve in their local societies.
  2. To Promote positive, progressive and democratic image of Pakistan all over the world.
  3. To Encourage businesses to undertake short term as well as long term, small, medium and large investments to create wealth and jobs in Pakistan.
  4. To promote education in Pakistan and also exchange educational delegations.
  5. To promote tourism in Pakistan and exchange cultural delegations.
  6. Cooperate and work with other like minded individuals and organisations working for similar objectives

Out of five objectives:(Integration, Pak image Promotion, Education, Investment, Tourism, Democratic Development), Education, Investment, Tourism, Democratic Development are deemed necessary for progressive Pakistan. And in Education especially Artificial Intelligence (AI) was considered a priority and to be pursued ASAP.