Bushra Bibi
records statement
with NAB in
Toshakhana case


ISLAMABAD: Bushra Bibi, PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s wife, Thursday recorded her statement with the Combined Investigation Team of National Accountability Bureau, Rawalpindi, in the Toshakhana case.

Bushra Bibi
Bushra Bibi

During around the four-hour grilling, she was asked how many gifts were taken from Toshakhana, to whom they were sold and who advised their sale before depositing them in the Toshakhana, sources said.

The details of the gifts given in the call-up notice to Bushra Bibi showed one locket with chain, a pair of ear tops, two rings and a pair of bracelet on 26-06-2019, one necklace (gold & diamond), one bracelet (gold and diamond), one ring (gold and diamond), and a pair of earrings (gold and diamond) on 18-09-2020, one necklace with chain, 1xpair of earrings, and a ring and bracelet watch on 21-05-2021.

Bushra Bibi’s bail extended in Toshakhana case

A district and session court in Islamabad on Thursday extended the interim bail of Bushra Bibi, former first lady and wife of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, in the Toshakhana case until September 12.

Bushra appeared before Additional Sessions Judge Tahir Abbas Sipra’s court along with her lawyers Salman Safdar, Intezar Panjotha and Naeem Panjotha.

During the hearing, the investigation officer (IO), who also appeared in the court, prayed to the judge to allow the arrest of former first lady, adding her audio had already been sent to the Federal Investigation Agency for the forensic.

Bushra’s lawyer Salman Safdar, on the other hand, complained to the court that investigators called his client and made her sit for hours. “My client has already told them that the audio in question was not hers,” he added.

The judge asked when the case was related to fake receipts, where did the audio came from? He asked the IO to confine himself to text of the FIR.

The IO requested the court to give time to match Bushra’s voice with the audio.

At this, the court adjourned the case’s hearing until September 12.

Toshakhana case

The former first lady has been accused of keeping a locket, chain, earrings, two rings and bracelet from the Toshakhana gifts.

She is also accused of keeping gold, diamond, necklace, and bracelet, as well as gold and diamond rings, earrings and bracelet.

Former prime minister Imran Khan (centre) with his wife Bushra Bibi (left) arrive to appear at a high court in Lahore on May 15, 2023.
Former prime minister Imran Khan (centre) with his wife Bushra Bibi (left) arrive to appear at a high court in Lahore on May 15, 2023.

The NAB has maintained that the gifts were not submitted to the Toshakhana to calculate their prices.

The Toshakhana issue became a major sticking point in national politics after the Election Commission of Pakistan disqualified the PTI chief for making “false statements and incorrect declaration”.

The reference, which alleges that Imran failed to share details of the gifts he retained from the Toshaskhana (during his time as the prime minister) was filed by lawmakers from the ruling coalition last year.

Later, the IHC suspended the conviction of the PTI chief and ordered to release him on bail from Attock Jail but special court ordered to keep the PTI chairman in judicial lockup in cipher case.