Political confrontation
in Pakistan will lead
economic detrimental
devastation: Javed Raja


LONDON: “Pakistan is going through in historic turmoil situation and every day will bring changes in country’s political and economic challenging fields”, this was stated by Javed Raja, Convenor, Peace International UK, while commenting over the overall situation.

He said that Pakistan is going through a pivotal political confrontation situation and the latest precedent in Punjab where the provincial governor Baleegh-ur-Rehman has categorically refused to sworn-in

Javed Raja

the Chief Minister Pervez Elahi, appointed by Supreme Court in its order today. Pervez Eahi is now going to Islamabad to take oath from President Dr. Arif Alvi.

He said that it was expected that the Supreme Court’s decision would be divided and may be 2 to one but the decision surfaced as unanimous so no division at all. “The unanimous verdict is very important”.

Javed Raja expressed concern that this confront trend is dangerous for the security and integrity of the country and all political forces should avoid it. “Next 10 days is very important for the politics of Pakistan, and countrymen will see a disaster change in the political arena of Pakistan.

“I hope the people who matter in this changing situation will adopt a positive way to flourish and stable the economy of Pakistan because at this present moment the only biggest problem is “deteriorating economy which should be streamline”.

Raja Javed said that the political instability in Pakistan is going to end with a big blow for all those Clowns who are acting like national leaders will be soon politically vanish. “My all prayers for those poor people of Sindh, where people are dying in monsoon heavy spell of rain in Karachi. I wish they have farm houses like this Sicilian Mafia where they can go with their families and save their life.