Teacher brutally thrashed
6-year-old student
in Bihar, video viral
in India and Britain


PATNA (Bihar) [India]: A tuition teacher in Bihar has been arrested by local police for brutally thrashing a six-year-old student after he witnessed his teacher making lewd comments to a female student.

A screen grab of the viral video – wild tuition teacher Amarkant Kumar aka Chotu sir beating 6-year-old student mercilessly (Photo/ANI)

According to details of saga, a video has gone viral on social media in India and Britain on Monday, in which a teacher at a coaching centre in Bihar is seen mercilessly beating a Six-year old student. The student was later admitted to the hospital for medical attention.

The video is said to be from the Dhanarua block of Patna district, in which a young teacher from a private coaching center is seen beating a five-year old student with cane and later slapping and punching him and pulling his hair. The student was seen crying and pleading to the teacher not to beat him. The other terrified students did not muster courage to stop the teacher. The boy later fell unconscious and fell to the ground.

Teacher mercilessly beating 6-year-old student. ((Photo/ANI)

Later, some local people caught the teacher, identified as Amarkant Kumar aka Chotu sir, and thrashed him too. Family members of the student have lodged a police complaint against the teacher and the police has launched an investigation into the incident. “Strict action must be taken against the teacher so that others in this noble profession should not do such barbaric act against any other student. The teacher is a blot on the profession,” said Deepti Kumari, a private school teacher from Patna.

Further details says that ‘animal like’ teacher has been arrested for beating six-year-old in a coaching class. He has been arrested on the basis of video that was captured on his mobile camera. The video of the incident then went viral. The teacher had earlier beaten the six-year-old boy in the back with a stick. The teacher was suspended from the coaching class after the video of the whole incident went viral.

Teacher mercilessly beating 6-year-old student. ((Photo/ANI)

In the video which has enraged viewers, a child can be seen being brutally beaten up by a tuition teacher with a stick and then kicked and punched. The child was falling unconscious on the ground while pleading the teacher to stop. However, instead of stopping, the teacher then grabbed the child’s hair and started kicking and punching him. This happened after the stick he was beating the innocent kid with broke into two.

The child who was beaten by the teacher was in trauma. SSP Patna MS Dhillon said, “National Commission for Protection of Child Rights had also taken cognizance. He has been arrested from Nalanda. The child was in trauma… now healthy & at his home with his parents.”

SSP Patna MS Dhillon telling the details. ((Photo/ANI)

The incident took place this week in Patna, Bihar. Report suggests that a teacher named Chhotu did this inhuman act on Saturday. All the students in the class were horrified by this beating.  Notably, the video is from a private coaching institute, Jaya Classes Coaching Institute of Veer Oriyara, in Dhanarua of Masauri district, adjacent to Patna.

ANI in a tweet mentioned, “Bihar: Tuition teacher Amarkant Kumar arrested for brutally thrashing 6y/o student Teacher thrashed the child after he witnessed teacher talking to a female student. Special team was constituted considering matter’s seriousness; SSP Patna said.

The police came into action after his parents lodged a case with Dhanarua police station as soon a video of the incident went viral in which the teacher can be seen beating a student

A teacher was jailed on Thursday for mercilessly thrashing a five-year-old boy at Jaya Public school, Oriyara area, Patna police said.

The SSP said that this incident took place on July 2 in which a teacher allegedly thrashed a student for around 4 to 5 minutes until he lost consciousness.

“The boy lost mental condition after getting grievously hurt by the teacher. However, police arrested the accused teacher from his uncle’s house at Telhara police station in Nalanda district and sent him to jail after interrogating him,” he added.

Meanwhile, the national commission for protection of child rights has also filed a separate case against the teacher under section 75 of the juvenile justice Act. The student was admitted to the private hospital for treatment. The police arrested the teacher under sections 341, 322, 307, 506 of the IPC and section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Board.