Over 160 illegal
means used to
influence poll results
in Pakistan: PATTAN

Rigging election

ISLAMABAD: Disclosing that more than 160 illegal means are used to influence poll results in Pakistan, PATTAN has claimed around 80 per cent of them could be addressed by introducing electronic voting machines (EVMs).

Pattan – a not-for-profit organization – claims that the “use of EVM may eliminate 130 out of 163 poll rigging means” in the country. PTI Chairman Imran Khan also mentioned it in his speech three days before in Punjab.

In a research study on means of rigging and gerrymandering practices in the country based on analysis of ongoing 20 by-elections, recently held local and previous rounds of general elections, it reveals violation of almost every section and every rule of the Elections Act 2017 in some form. “It happens widely where factors of power and money overlap”, it says.

The study also indicates existence of some form of equilibrium between the contesting parties in rigging in most of the constituencies. The equilibrium is manipulated at each step of electoral cycle to a bare minimum level and very discreetly.

The study further shows that out of 163 means of rigging and unethical practices as many as 73 could happen just on the polling day alone. The pre-poll period is spread (depending on nature of elections) over 90-60 days prior to polling. During this phase of elections 50 kinds of rigging means are likely to be used.

The study also found 26 means of rigging that are being practised during inter-election period at the highest level of decision-making.