No disagreements
with ‘neutrals’, just
one stance, free and
fair elections; Imran


ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman Imran Khan Friday said he has no disagreements with the “neutrals”, questioning why should he get into a quarrel with them.

“Weakening the ‘neutrals’ means strengthening the enemy and only the country will suffer during this fight,” he said while speaking to senior journalists.

KHUSHAB: PTI Chairman Imran Khan addressing a Public meeting in Khushab on Friday.

Regarding chances of him being arrested, he said that if the government wants to arrest him, they can do so. “I have no fear because I haven’t crossed any red line.”

“Free and fair elections are the only solution to pull the country out of the crisis,” Khan said, adding that when a pro-people government will be formed only then will the economy flourish.

He said: “If I would speak to the neutrals there would be only one stance — free and fair elections.”

The PTI Chairman said that nobody is ready to speak to the leaders of this “imported government”, asserting that he will never join hands with the “thieves” even if he has to sit on the Opposition benches. “It is better to be in the Opposition than to have a dialogue with PPP,” he said.

Khan warned that if by-polls in 20 constituencies of Punjab are rigged, then it may harm the country. “What do I have to do? I can wait but it is the country that will suffer,” he maintained.

Address in Khushad

PTI chief Imran Khan on Friday claimed that a “man based in Lahore” was “trying to help the PML-N win by-elections on 20 seats of the Punjab Assembly”, but vowed that person’s “attempts to rig the polls” would go in vain.

LAHORE: PTI Chairman Imran Khan addresses a gathering during a by-election campaign in PP-158.

Addressing a rally in Khushab, Punjab, Imran said Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz would not be able to secure his position after the by-elections that will be held for 20 seats on July 17.

The PTI chairman referred to an unnamed man who was allegedly backing the Punjab government to bag majority seats in the polls.

“A man is based in Lahore who has a single mission to make these thieves win the elections. I want to tell the Lahore man that whatever you do, it is you who will end up in embarrassment.

“People will curse you. No matter what you do and how much rigging you do, the by-election result next Sunday will see Hamza lose his position,” Imran said without naming the man in question.

Warning to top officials

PTI chairman Imran Khan says he struggled for over two years to introduce Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) which could have removed some 130 ways and means to rig elections.

Speaking to a mass gathering during by-election campaign in PP-158 on Thursday, Mr Khan regretted that the ‘thieves and dacoits’ in connivance with the Chief Election Commissioner did not let the EVMs introduced in elections.

ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman Imran Khan talking to media-persons in Islamabad.

He said it was now a challenge for the nation to defeat the ‘turncoats’ by voting for the PTI candidate. “It is a crusade against the corrupt and criminals. It is not politics but Jihad,” he stressed.

He also targeted the Punjab chief secretary and IGP and asked them to behave as per law instead of becoming slaves of Hamza Shehbaz. He regretted that he had himself posted these two officers in Punjab but now they were not performing their duties honestly.

Khan said the PTI was noting down the names of civil and police officers who either worked against the party or tortured its workers during long march as they would be held responsible one day.

He said the Chief Election Commissioner would be considered a ‘traitor’ in times to come and added that the CEC did not utter a word on massive use of state power and rigging in local government elections in Sindh. He said some 15 per cent candidates could not stand for the local government elections due to pressure and threats hurled by the Sindh police.

Reacting, the ECP rejected Khan’s tirade. “The PTI chief’s allegation against the commission and its head are baseless. The ECP will continue its work according to law and will resist pressure,” a statement by the commission spokesman said.

Earlier, in his speech in Sheikhupura (falling in PP-146), Khan castigated the United States for `installing convicts’ as prime minister and insulting a sovereign nation of 220 million people.

Speaking to a charged crowed, the PTI leader said the US did not appoint a person on bail even as peon but it was continuously supporting the convicts and criminals like Shehbaz Sharif, Hamza Shehbaz, Rana Sanaullah and Asif Ali Zardari to rule in Pakistan.

“The US promotes these criminals knowing well that they would remain in its control and never stand in the interest of the country.”

Mr Khan said he too wanted to have peace with all nations but would not accept to become slave of any country. “I will never allow the US to dictate me not go to for Russian oil.”