Kashmiri student
airlifted from Dhaka
after serious accident,
father thanks Modi


NEW DELHI: After a student from Jammu and Kashmir, who met with a car accident in Dhaka, was airlifted to Delhi, his father thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his personal intervention in airlifting the student from the Bangladeshi capital.

Kashmiri student Shoaib Lone

Shoaib Lone, a resident of Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri, studies MBBS at Barind Medical College in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He met with a car accident while travelling with four other people. Shoaib was seriously injured and was undergoing treatment at a Bangladesh hospital. The accident in Bangladesh was very serious and two co-passengers of Shoaib had died.
Shoaib has been brought to India by an air ambulance on Monday and admitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Trauma Centre in New Delhi under a team of specialist doctors.

Shoaib Lone under treatment in hospital

Narrating his ordeal after the accident, Shoaib’s father Mohammad Aslam Lone said Shoaib was taken to hospital by locals and the family reached Dhaka after some delay due to efforts in arranging visa and other documents.
On reaching Dhaka, the family faced problems including “language barrier” and “high cost of treatment”.

Mohammad Aslam Lone expresses gratitude to Prime Minister Narender Modi

He said the hospital in Bangladesh incurred expenses of Rs 12 lakh for a 10-day stay in the hospital and “there was not much improvement in condition”.

“We were in great difficulty,” Aslam Lone said.
He said that Jammu and Kashmir Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Ravinder Raina visited Rajouri and the problem was posed to him by people known to them. The BJP leader promised to apprise the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) of the matter.
“I am very grateful to Modiji. It is said that giving thanks lessens the value of the deed done but I do not want to be ungrateful. I salute him by standing on one leg. If a country has a leader like this, like the leader we have in Hindustan, where there are such good (leaders) to take care of, people should not be afraid. I say thanks to PM one crore times. I also thank Rainaji and all those who helped us,” Aslam Lone told ANI.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

He said Shoaib is admitted to AIIMS trauma centre due to “PM’s intervention”.
“It was a quick response from the PMO who helped the common man of the country,” he said.
Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya also shared the story of Sohaib.
Taking to Twitter, he said, “An emotional father thanks PM Narendra Modi ji, on whose personal intervention, his son who met with an accident in Dhaka was airlifted to Delhi. Saluting the PM, he said that any country which has a PM like Modi Ji should not worry about anything.” (ANI)