“Don’t dare to
cross limits”
Shehbaz warns Imran
against breaking Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif censured his predecessor Imran Khan on Thursday, accusing him of “making naked threats against the country”, deeming him “unfit for public office” and warning him against “talking about [the] division of Pakistan”.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif

The prime minister made these remarks in a Twitter post that referred to an interview of Imran with anchorperson Sami Abraham for Bol News programme ‘Tajzia’ last night during which the PTI chief urged the establishment to make the “right decisions” and warned that if Pakistan were to lose its nuclear deterrence, it would fragment into “three pieces”.

In the interview aired Wednesday night, he said the current political situation was a problem for the country as well as the establishment. “If the establishment doesn’t make the right decisions then I can assure [you] in writing that [before everyone else] they and the army will be destroyed because what will become of the country if it goes bankrupt,” he said.

“Pakistan is going towards a default. If that happens then which institution will be [worst] hit? The army. After it is hit, what concession will be taken from us? Denuclearisation,” he said. “If the right decisions aren’t made at this time then the country is going towards suicide.”

Hours after the interview was broadcast, PM Shehbaz tweeted: “While I am in Turkey inking agreements, Imran Niazi is making naked threats against the country. If at all any proof was needed that Niazi is unfit for public office, his latest interview suffices.”

“Do your politics but don’t dare to cross limits and talk about [the] division of Pakistan,” he warned the PTI chairperson.

In a separate statement shared on the PML-N’s Twitter, the premier said Imran’s remarks were proof that the PTI chief was “involved in a conspiracy, not politics”.

Asif Ali Zardari

He said Imran was spreading “chaos” due to his “frustration and sick mentality”, and that his statement was similar to those of Pakistan’s enemies.

“This is not a statement but a conspiracy to spark the fire of anarchy and division in the country,” PM Shehbaz said.

“Losing power does not mean that you wage a war against Pakistan, its unity and its institutions,” he said, warning Imran not to “attack” the federation and country’s institutions. “Don’t exceed the limits [defined] by the law and Constitution.”

The prime minister said the nation would not accept such “nefarious” plans at any cost and would not let them succeed. He vowed to defeat such “impure” aims.

Asif Zardari terms “Modi’s language”

Earlier, PPP co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari also condemned Imran’s remarks in a late-night statement shared on his party’s Twitter.

“No one can talk about fragmenting Pakistan. This is not that language of a Pakistani but that of [Indian PM] Modi,” he said.

“Imran Khan, power is not everything in this world. Be brave and learn to do politics standing on your own feet,” Zardari berated the PTI chief, saying that the “wish of dividing this country into three pieces cannot be realised until we and our future generations live”.

He concluded his statement by saying that “God willing, Pakistan will survive till the Day of Judgement”.

The statement said Zardari had instructed the PPP to protest Imran’s “impure statement”.