Tafheem Sharif says
an honour for her to be
Tameside’s first Asian
Muslim Deputy Mayor


TAMESIDE: Cllr. Tafheen Sharif, the first Asian Muslim British Pakistani woman has been elected deputy mayor of Tameside, a metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester.

Tafheen Sharif political career started in 2012 when she became the youngest councillor. As a member of the Labour party has also served as deputy police commissioner of Bedfordshire.

Cllr. Tafheen Sharif

She belongs to Azad Kashmir. Elected as the deputy mayor, she said the Kashmir dispute needed a serious solution. “We all have a role to play in solving this problem and I will be talking about the Kashmir issue at every forum,” she said.

Expressing her views, Cllr Tafheem Sharif said; “We shall make a tremendous team and we look forward to making a difference for the people of the town. It is particularly humbling being the first Asian and Muslim woman in the mayoralty. I really do hope it speaks volumes and allows others to break down barriers too”.

“It’s an absolute honour to serve the borough of Tameside as the Deputy Mayor this year, alongside the Mayor Cllr Mike Glover”, she added.

Mayor Mike Glover and Deputy Mayor Tafheem Sharif

Tafheen Sharif has made history as she became the first Asian Muslim British Pakistani woman to be appointed as Deputy Mayor of Tameside. She has worked as a councilor of the Mossley ward in the past.

Tafheen Sharif, who has been involved in politics since she was a student, has been chosen deputy mayor of Tameside for the first time.

Tameside council took to Twitter and confirmed the appointment of Tafheen as the deputy mayor. Tameside council disclosed that the new Civic Mayor of Tameside, Cllr Mike Glover, and Deputy Mayor, Cllr Tafheen Sharif, accepted their duties at Tuesday’s full council.