Dr. Shabina nominated
Mayoress of Mayor
Alan Dowson of
Peterborough city


PETERBOROUGH: In another achievement in her political career, Dr Shabina Asad Qayyum has been nominated to become the Mayoress of Mayor elect for the city of Peterborough 2022, Councillor Alan Dowson.

Mayoress Dr. Shabina Qayyum

Dr. Shabina is a GP and Labour Party Councillor in the City of Peterborough. She is one of the most popular councillors and is highly appreciated by her constituents for her dedication to serve them.

She has done a lot of work with various communities throughout the city and also hosts a Community Muslim Radio Health show. She is a very popular doctor in the city and is known to young and old alike.

Mayor of Peterborough Alan Dowson and Mayoress Dr. Shabina Qayyum

She says, “I was blown away when Alan asked me to become his Mayoress. He has 50 years of public service to his name and it was an honour to play my part in assisting him when his wife, Annie passed away last year.

Peterborough Council

“We have a very ambitious year ahead with plans to help the socially isolated, to tackle poverty and to work with local organisations to empower people to gain new skills and advise them where we can. We are excited for the year ahead and want to spread a culture of compassion and kindness. I cannot wait to help Alan achieve these aims”