Between May 25-29,
exact date for march
on Sunday in Peshawar;
says Imran in Multan


MULTAN: Former prime minister Imran Khan said on Friday that he had called a session of the PTI core committee on Sunday in Peshawar, where a final decision on the date for his long march to Islamabad will be decided.

Addressing a huge rally in Multan, Imran said the march could be held on any day between May 25 and May 29.

He demanded that the National Assembly be dissolved immediately and a date for elections announced, lashing out at the current government for what he said was its inability to govern the country.

MULTAN: PTI chief Imran Khan addresses a public rally in Multan on Friday.

Since his ouster as prime minister on April 10, Imran has held a series of large public rallies across the country, terming his ouster a foreign conspiracy and urging the public to prepare for a march to the capital to pressure the authorities into accepting his demand for immediate elections in the country.

Criticising the PML-N-led coalition government, Imran said “they were busy conspiring but now that they have assumed power, they must tell us why they are struggling to govern the country.”

“A convict is taking decisions. Sometimes they are asking the National Security Committee to hike prices,” he said.

The former premier said his government collected record tax, IT exports surged by 75 per cent during his tenure and Pakistan’s employment rate was the highest in the entire sub-continent.

“You toppled our government and now I am happy comparisons are taking place.” Imran said if he did not care for the nation, he would wish they [PML-N] stayed in power for more months so that people curse the as well as those “who brought them to power”.

MULTAN: PTI chief Imran Khan addresses a public rally in Multan on Friday.

He said a wave of inflation is on its way because when the rupee depreciates, “it has an impact on everything”. “If they stay in power longer, they will make Pakistan into Sri Lanka. That’s why I demand an election date as soon as possible and dissolution of assemblies.”

The ex-PM said police officials, army personnel, retired army officers and civil servants had assured that their families would be taking part in the Islamabad march.

“The sea of people that will head towards the capital will be the first of its kind in history,” Imran claimed.

He said his decision to initiate a march was not based on politics, adding that “it is a revolution that will make Pakistan a great nation”.

Turning his guns on America, Imran said the US had no right to dictate Pakistan. “You ask us to refrain from buying oil and wheat from Russia, but did you ever make a similar demand from India?” he asked.

He said India and Pakistan came into being at the same time but the former had a people-friendly foreign policy while the latter was unfortunate to have leaders like Sharifs and Zardaris. “They do not have the courage to enact policies for the welfare of the public.”

Imran asked the US whether it had ever grilled Israel for subjecting Palestinians to extreme violence. “Then why do you make such demands from Pakistan?”

He said the ruling elite governing Pakistan for 30 years had been appeasing the US in a way that the country lost its honour and dignity.

Imran said the corrupt “troika” — Fazl, Zardari and Sharifs — backed by the US hatched a conspiracy against his government after he “refused to let them go scot-free in corruption cases”.

He said he could not understand the reason behind Sharif family’s rage against him. “All the corruption cases, except the one by FIA, against Shehbaz Sharif were filed in their own reigns,” he added.

The PTI chief called upon people to focus on two main demands when they reached Islamabad. “First is the dissolution of assemblies, and the second is the immediate announcement of elections.”

He underlined that Pakistan could never have the blessings of Allah if the corrupt ruling elite continued to remain in power.

In another remark targeting Maryam Nawaz, Imran said someone sent him a clip from Maryam’s public meeting from a day ago wherein she took his name many times.

“I want to tell you that your husband may get upset because of the way you are taking my name,” the ex-PM said.

Reacting strongly to this comment, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said women from the entire country should protest against the use of such “regrettable” language.

“Using such shallow tactics, you will not be able to hide your crimes against the country. One can’t expect those who disrespected the Prophet’s Mosque to respect mothers, sisters and daughters,” Shehbaz wrote on Twitter.