Imran says families
of army personnel
will march with
him to Islamabad


GUJRANWALA: Former prime minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said families of army personnel will also take part in his upcoming march to Islamabad to remove the “imported government that came to power through a US-backed conspiracy”.

Addressing a huge public meeting in Gujranwala, Imran said: “The police will also help you [in getting to Islamabad]. They will send their family members with you and government employees will [do the same] as well.

“And I know my army’s families will also come with us to Islamabad,” he added.

The former prime minister is planning a long march towards Islamabad at a yet undecided date later this month in a bid to pressure the government into holding immediate elections as he claims that his government was “conspired against” and unfairly ousted by the US, with the help of his political opponents and in the form of a successful no-trust move against him last month.

GUJRANWALA: PTI Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan addressing a public gathering in Gujranwala on Wednesday.

Imran, in his speech today, said he would unveil the date of his long march during a rally in Multan on May 20 (Friday), and hoped he would win the “fight for real independence in Islamabad this month”.

Imran called on women, children and the elderly to participate in the march. He said he was calling the people to Islamabad to foil the “American conspiracy” and send a message to all the conspirators that Pakistan was an “free nation”.

“This isn’t politics, this is revolution,” Imran said, adding that the “biggest dacoits and mafias” of the country were standing on one side and the nation on the other.

“This is called revolution when the people become a nation and then we [can] combat these mafias who suck our blood. [We] will badly defeat them.”

The former premier — while referring to the no-confidence motion that ousted him from power — said that the country’s biggest thieves were brought together to overthrow an elected government through a “foreign conspiracy”.

He reiterated that he was calling the nation to march toward Islamabad to thwart the foreign conspiracy and to fight for the real freedom of Pakistan.

Praising his government and shedding light on the ongoing economic turmoil in the country, the PTI chairman said that there was a significant increase in exports during his tenure. “During the last nine months, the country’s exports increased by 26%,” he maintained.

Khan said that his government reduced petrol prices and also the prices of “Fazlur Rehman (diesel)”, adding that the government provided relief to the masses when the inflation was rising globally.

He also said that his government helped the farmers and they benefitted the most during the two years of the PTI government.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, our country prospered with the increase in the employment rate,” he said, adding that these thieves ousted our government when our country was heading towards its betterment.

‘Zardari rejoicing at Centre while everyone is abusing Shehbaz’

Talking about PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, Khan said that he is happy that everyone is abusing the PML-N. “He is present at the Centre, ruling Sindh, making money while the people are abusing PM Shehbaz and PML-N,” he said.

Berating the Sharif brothers, the PTI chairman said: “Shehbaz Sharif is asking what to do after becoming the prime minister. He said that inflation is rising and foreign exchange is tumbling. The two brothers (Shehbaz and Nawaz Sharif) are now trapped and they are wondering what to do.”

He said that PM Shehbaz thought he would save himself from the Federal Investigation Bureau (FIA) after becoming the prime minister. He warned the PM that he will recover all the money from him and send him to jail.

Imran Khan thanked the Supreme Court for serving justice to those “who sold their consciences (turncoats).”