New book launched in Srinagar
highlights real teachings of Islam


By ANI special correspondent

A book on the real teachings of Islam titled ‘Gulshan-e-Wilayat’ authored by Agha Syed Abbas Rizvi, chairman of Jammu and Kashmir People’s Justice Front was launched in Srinagar on Sunday which attempts to counter the agenda of miscreants who mislead youth towards extremism.

Agha Syed Abbas Rizvi

The book is about the real teachings of Islam which were taught by Prophet Muhammad. It also highlights the “true meaning” of the religion which emphasises on peace, brotherhood and love.

Highlighting the nefarious agenda of the miscreants who mislead the youth of the Valley for personal gains leading to extremism and terrorism, the author has expressed how to serve mankind and safeguard other religious minorities and their rights.

“These miscreants aided by several foreign agencies have set up their missionary schools all across the state of Jammu and Kashmir and are propagating their unholy teaching and extremism,” said a statement by the organisation.

The Jammu and Kashmir people’s Justice Front also termed the “Salafist ideology” a real threat to peace and brotherhood.

“This ideology known as Salafist is the real threat to peace and brotherhood. It is the need of the hour to counter this ideology and we few Ulemas and religious scholars especially trained from Qom, Iran are countering this ideology; but we are empty-handed,” it said.

Asserting that some people for their vested interests have misinterpreted Quran and the statement highlighted that the newly launched book must be read by the youth to know about the real teachings of Islam.

“These Ulemas need support so this ideology can be defeated. The true meaning of Islam was maligned and the teachings of the Quran were interpreted in the wrong manner by these people for their vested gains. This book must be read by today’s youth as it highlights how Islam teaches love and peace,” the statement said.

Speaking at this event, former Administrator Farooq Renzu Shah said that people lived peacefully with one another with full zeal and enthusiasm.

“People for ages lived peacefully and respected each other’s faith with full zeal and enthusiasm. Real prosperity will come when we shun all the differences and defeat the miscreants and their ideology with the Sufi culture which is the base of Kashmiryat,” he said.

New book launched in Srinagar highlights real teachings of Islam counters agenda of miscreants who misled youth

Ajaz Mustafa Malik highlighted the need of developing a reading culture among youth so they are able to know the real meaning of peace and live in harmony.

Another religious scholar Agha Syed Abid Hussain said, “It’s the duty of the clergy as well to educate youth and train them and guide them towards the real path of Islam and brotherhood,” he said. (ANI)