‘Threat letter’:
US again rejects
Imran’s allegations
of toppling his govt


WASHINGTON: The US State Department has once again dispersed the allegations regarding its involvement in ousting his government through a no-trust motion.

Since PM Khan levelled allegations against the US government to oust him from power, this is the fourth time the US government refuted his accusations.

According to a Daily Times report, State Department Deputy Spokesperson Jalina Porter was asked by a reporter if the PM had reiterated the allegations and had told his nation that the US encouraged the no-confidence vote, he has to prove it.

US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Jalina Porter

The State Department’s Deputy Spokesperson Jalina Porter responded, “Let me just say very bluntly there is absolutely no truth to these allegations. Of course, we continue to follow these developments, and we respect and support Pakistan’s constitutional process and rule of law. But again, these allegations are absolutely not true.”

Moreover, Prime Minister Imran Khan in his last night address to the public reiterated that he had first shared the (alleged) letter in the March 27 rally that purportedly contained details of a foreign conspiracy to oust his government.

The PM stated that he would never accept an “imported government” and would look up to the public for their decision.

Imran said he wanted the public to see it but could not share it as it would “expose Pakistan’s secret code” that was used for conveying messages by missions abroad.

He further said Pakistan’s ambassador to the US had met an American official who said that the prime minister should not have gone to Russia.

“The ambassador tried to tell us that [the trip] was already planned and there was a consensus. He (the US official) knew a no-confidence [motion] was coming. He said if Imran Khan is saved from it, then Pakistan will have to face consequences. See the arrogance [in his saying that] if the sitting prime minister is not removed, Pakistan will be damaged,” he added.