No progress reported
sofar in Indo-Pakistan
talks on water issues


ISLAMABAD: No progress so far has been reported between India and Pakistan talks in Islamabad. During the final round of the second day of Pakistan-India water talks on Wednesday, Islamabad raised objections over its eastern neighbors water aggression ruing why it was not being provided the flood data that might lower the risk of loss of life.

The Pakistani water experts asked the Indian side who would be responsible for the loss of lives due to floods when India did not provide the flood data. It accused India of not sharing the statistics regarding water flow in the rivers.

The Pakistani team also put forward its objections over a controversial Kiru power project and Pakal Dhal (1000MW) project on River Chenab. It is claimed that the Indian side could not satisfy their Pakistani counterparts. However, the Indian side assured Pakistan of a visit to the sites of

The Pakistani team is being led by Indus Water Commissioner Mehr Ali Shah while the Indian team is being headed by India Water Commissioner PK Saxena.

ISLAMABAD: The first round of three-day Indus Water Commissioners’ talks between Pakistan and India ended in Islamabad.

The Indian Indus Water Commissioner on Monday reached Lahore via the Wagah border along with his delegation. Indian Indus Water Commissioner PK Saxena arrived here along with his 10-member technical team to participate in the annual meeting with his Pakistani counterpart.

According to sources, during their meeting, a 12-megawatt wind turbine power project planned by India on the Indus River would be discussed. The under-construction 19-megawatt Durbuk Shyok Hydro Power project launched by India would also be discussed.

Delegations of both the countries would hold talks on Indias planned 24-megawatt Nimu Chilling power project. The Pakistani Indus Water Commissioner wrote a letter to his Indian counterpart inviting him to the annual session. The Indian delegation will stay in Islamabad till March 4.