Anti-terror court sends
Mohsin Baig to Adiala
jail on a 14-day remand


ISLAMABAD: An anti-terrorism court has sent senior journalist and analyst Mohsin Baig to jail on a 14-day judicial remand.

Mohsin Baig, a senior journalist and analyst arrested from Islamabad, was produced in the anti-terrorism court after his physical remand ended. The court rejected Mohsin Baig’s request for further physical remand and sent him to jail on judicial remand.

ISLAMABAD: Mohsin Baig is being taken to Adiala Jail.

(Here is a video report compiled by Online Digital TV official report. We are presenting it professional and without being biased.)

The judge spoke to police about whether the investigation was complete, at which point Margalla police requested a two-day physical remand. The judge asked which video to take? Is there a polygraph test? The public prosecutor argued that the G-polygraph test had been performed.

Mohsin Baig’s lawyer said that we are not allowed to meet in the police station whereas in the case only pistol is mentioned and now video is being used as an excuse. The box they are talking about has been taken away by the police.

He asked what the police have done so far in the 8-day remand. There is a scene 100 meters away and they are still saying that the video should be captured. Despite the court order we are not being allowed to meet. This is contempt of court.

Mohsin Baig’s lawyer requested the court not to grant further physical remand. Mohsin Baig said that the police has changed the medical report and this is the way of the state and it is being destroyed. Police took the FIA’s box of CCTV. The DVR they are asking for remand was taken by the FIA ​​in the presence of the police.

He said that his power is being used, Imran Khan’s turban has been lifted by his wife, I am not a terrorist, I am being humiliated. The police went to my house and in 8 days I was badly beaten.

Anti-terrorism court judge Muhammad Ali Warraich rejected Mohsin Baig’s request for physical remand and sent him to Adiala Jail on a 14-day judicial remand and ordered him to be produced again on March 8.