Son of Bushra Bibi
among three suspects
booked in liquor case,
possessing alcohol


LAHORE: The police have registered an FIR against the younger son of PM’s wife Bushra Bibi from her previous marriage and his cousin and a friend on charges of possession of liquor.

According to the FIR, the Ghalib Market police had recovered liquor from their car early on Monday and registered a case against Muhammad Musa Maneka, cousin Mohammad Ahmad Maneka (son of PML-N MNA Ahmed Raza Maneka) and a friend Ahmad Shaharyar.

The FIR was lodged under subsections 3, 4, and 11 of The Prohibition (Enforcement of Hadd Order, 1979) against the three suspects who were arrested while crossing a police picket on Zahoor Elahi Road.

Shaharyar was found drunk after his examination at a hospital. Musa and Ahmed were released later on a personal guarantee of a person from the Maneka family as they had not consumed the contraband at that time.

Shaharyar secured bail from the court. The police sent for forensic analysis the sample of the recovered liquor.

The FIR, registered at the Ghalib Market police station, stated liquor was recovered from their car, a grey Honda Civic, Monday night near the Zahoor Elahi Road. The vehicle was stopped for a routine check. The men inside the car were identified as Muhammad Musa Maneka, cousin Mohammad Ahmad Maneka and friend Ahmad Shaharyar.

According to the complaint, the police found a bottle of “Moon Original Whisky” and beer cans wrapped in a brown paper bag in their possession. The alcohol was seized and the men were sent to the hospital for a medical examination.

A case under the following sections under the The Prohibition (Enforcement of Hadd Order, 1979) was lodged against them:

3 – Prohibition of manufacture, etc, of intoxicants (4) Owning or possessing intoxicant and (11) – Whoever being a Muslim, is guilty of drinking

On Tuesday, the medical examination revealed Shaharyar was found drunk. He was granted bail by a judicial magistrate.

Musa and Ahmed were, on the other hand, released later on the basis of personal guarantee from a family member as they hadn’t consumed the liquor.