Avais Amber:
A Muslim educationist


By Zeeshan Journalist

Avais Amber – a well-known educationist promoting education in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan

Due to financial constraints in India, many children are deprived of education or forced to drop out of school before completion of studies. According to a government report, the dropout rate at the secondary level in India is more than 17%. At the same time, there are about 30 percent students in the country, who are unable to reach even from secondary to senior secondary. In such a situation, Avais Amber has taken the initiative to educate these students.

Avais Amber is the founder of Rosemine Educational and Charitable Trust based in Bihar. Which is a great helper of students who drop out in the middle due to financial constraints and other reasons in the country. By taking up the responsibility of education of thousands of children, he not only made them educated but also made them self-reliant. Today all these students are giving blessings to Avais.

Rosemine was founded in 2012 by Avais, who idolized former President of India and missile man Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. During the last decade, he has helped more than 30,000 students to not only get higher and technical education but also to get employment. Today his organization is working with the aim that the education system of the country should become so cheap that no one has to leave his education in the middle due to lack of money. For this he is constantly trying.

Avais Amber was honored for this social revolution in many forums. He has been honored by former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam in 2015.

Born in a middle-class family in Bihar’s Jehanabad district, Avais had to struggle hard in his life to pursue higher education. He does not want any other youth to face such difficulties. For this, his organization enrolls students who have dropped out in the middle of colleges and universities across the country. Where they do not have to bear any expenses related to education. Their institution itself pays the fees of the students. The future which is never taken back.Avais says about this that talent is not a fascination for the rich and the poor. All students should get respect.

Quoting Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, he further says that Sir Sayyed dreamed of connecting the youth of the country with science and technology. But his own people became an obstacle in his way. This community was sleeping at that time and is still sleeping today. But I am now on a mission to produce not one but hundreds of Sir Syeds.

Vidhadevi Bhandari, President of Nepal in 2019 presenting award to Avais Amber. He is now enhancing this campaign in Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh as well.

Regarding the backwardness in education of Muslim society, he says that the intellectual of Muslim society is engrossed in arrogance. In front of the ego, these people neither see the progress of the community nor the country. These people don’t want to go together. They are competing each other for their name and fame, they can only criticize the Government.

He believes that if the Muslim society progresses, then the country will also progress. For this, Muslim youth will have to be brought forward in the field of education and employment. He says that the unsuccessful and uneducated are living in darkness. These people need to be shown the light. In the interest of the country and society, he is connecting Muslim youth with education.

Avais Amber receiving award by an organization in recognition of his services for promotion of education.

Avais Amber is not only working in the field of education but also against social evils. He has also started a campaign against dowry. He administers oath to all the students associated with the institution not to take dowry in marriage. At the same time, they also swear that if they become successful in future, they will have to educate a poor child.

Avais Amber was honored for this social revolution in many forums. He has been honored by former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam in 2015 and VidhadeviBhandari, President of Nepal in 2019. Avais Amber is now enhancing this campaign in Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh as well.

(The author is a freelance and young journalist. He writes on current affairs.)