Lord Nazir Ahmed jailed
for five years six months
over child sex offences


ROTHERHAM: Former Labour peer Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham has been jailed for five and a half years on Friday (4th February 2022) at Sheffield Crown Court for sexually abusing two children in the 1970s.

He was found guilty in January of a serious sexual assault against a boy and the attempted rape of a young girl. The abuse happened in Rotherham when he was a teenager, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

The sources close to Lord Ahmed say to ‘The Nation’ that his lawyers intend to appeal against the judgement of the jury. The sources said that from day one, Lord Nazir Ahmed’s point of view was that he is innocent and all allegations against him were wrong and baseless. He says that this is a character assassination campaign against him.

Former Lord Nazir Ahmed

According to a BBC report, passing sentence, Mr Justice Lavender said his actions had had “profound and lifelong effects” on the victims. The court heard Lord Ahmed, who was tried under his birth name Nazir Ahmed, attempted to rape the girl twice in the early 1970s, when he was aged 16 or 17 but she was much younger.

The attack on the boy, who was aged under 11 at the time, also happened during the same period. The 64-year-old had denied the charges, calling them a “malicious fiction”, but a phone recording of a conversation between the two victims in 2016 showed they were not “made-up”.

The judge said the offences were “so serious that only a custodial sentence can be justified”. He said: “Your actions have had profound and lifelong effects on the girl and the boy, who have lived with what you did to them for between 46 and 53 years.

“The statements which they have made express more eloquently than I ever could how your actions have affected and continue to affect their lives in so many different and damaging ways.”

The victim of the attempted rapes, who cannot be named due to the nature of the offences, said she had lived with “an overwhelming feeling of shame”. She told the court: “It was a burden I was made to carry, and it silenced me for many years. It is now time for me to pass that burden to him – the paedophile who I know feels no personal shame.”

The male victim, who also cannot be named, said in a personal statement read out in court: “I buried the abuse and carried it with me on my own for years and years. “I feel shame because of what these men did to me”, he said.

The victim of the case, has demanded the government strip him of his title. The male victim, known as Mr ‘B’ to protect his anonymity, said the abuse had started when he was a young child and he had spent much of his life since trying to “to bury it”.

The male victim told BBC Newsnight: “That title is bestowed upon people that have got some honour, some dignity, and he’s got none of that”.

Despite both investigations and his conviction, he will retain his title. “I’m demanding the government take that peerage away from him,” said Mr B. “He’s a convicted paedophile and there’s no justice in that.”

Despite both investigations and his conviction, he will retain his title.

“I’m demanding the government take that peerage away from him,” said Mr B. “He’s a convicted paedophile and there’s no justice in that.”

Mr B said reporting Ahmed had been daunting, and he was initially put off due to his abuser’s “political clout” and his doubts about securing a conviction. “He knows powerful people, he knows prime ministers,” he said.

“I was quite worried in terms of the consequences of going to make a complaint against him in terms of what he might be able to do to me.”

The trial heard he was encouraged to come forward by the female complainant in the case, who urged him to “seek justice for the little boy who could not protect himself”.

“If I can challenge somebody that sits in the House of Lords as a peer, and I can win, then there is hope for everybody,” Mr B said. “I think I can move on from this dirty little secret that I’ve been carrying for decades. I can sleep at night now.”

In response to a question about Nazir Ahmed, a spokesperson said the government was “committed to helping the police and local agencies prevent and disrupt this type of offending” through the Tackling Child Sexual Abuse Strategy “Nazir Ahmed resigned from the House of Lords in November 2020 and is no longer a member of the legislature,” they added.

The former Labour peer was found guilty in January of a serious sexual assault against a boy and the attempted rape of a young girl in the 1970s. Only an Act of Parliament can remove his title, but none currently exists.

During a Sheffield Crown Court trial, jurors heard Ahmed carried out the repeated sexual assaults as a teenager in Rotherham. He resigned from the House of Lords in 2020, days before he could be expelled over the findings of a conduct committee that concluded he had sexually and emotionally exploited a vulnerable woman. He stepped down from the Labour Party in 2013.

The call is being supported by crossbench peer Lord Carlisle, the charity Muslim Women’s Network UK and Conservative Rother Valley MP Alexander Stafford.

Lord Carlisle said it was “offensive” and “illogical” that Ahmed could retain his title and that the system needed updating to retain the House of Lord’s credibility. “We need to be able to expel from their titles as well as from the House, those who have been convicted of serious criminal offences,” he said.

Mr Stafford, whose constituency includes parts of Rotherham, agreed the law needed overhauling and has urged the government to take action.

The charity Muslim Women’s Network UK has written to Lord Chancellor Dominic Raab calling for action.

Co-chair Shaista Gohir said it was wrong that Ahmed could continue to use his title and its associations of privilege. “Once he’s completed his sentence, he could go up and down the country, speak at events, use that title to influence,” she said. “What kind of message does that send to victims that somebody that’s committed such an appalling crime can continue to use that privilege and that title?”, she said.