Razia Bibi narrates
her pity ordeal


By ANI special feature

SRINAGAR (Jammu and Kashmir): Razia Bibi, wife of a slain Hizbul terrorist, has said Pakistani terrorist organisations “misguide the youth of Kashmir in the name of Islam and push lives of families and children into darkness”.

Razia Bibi was born in the Bandipora region of Jammu and Kashmir and taken to Pakistan at a young age. There, she was married to a Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist. However, her marriage was short-lived as her husband was killed in terrorist activity in Jammu and Kashmir in 2018. 

Razia Bibi recently came back to India with her children and said returning to the country was the best decision she has taken. “After my husband’s death, they (Hizbul Mujahideen) gave money for a year but stopped afterwards. It was difficult for me to run the house. I started doing household works for others to earn some money. Some days we did not have food. It was a very difficult time for us. I could not sleep at night thinking about the future of my children. I would like to say that no one should ever go through what my family went through,” she said. 

“With no money for a few months, I decided to leave Pakistan and return to India. With the help of friends, I made a passport and came to India through Nepal borders. We took flights from New Islamabad to Qatar and then from Qatar to Kathmandu. From Kathmandu, we reached Delhi and then Srinagar. On reaching Srinagar, I called my father,” she said.

Razia Bibi said she had to stay four days at the police station in Kashmir for interrogation. “Initially, I was very afraid and was wondering about what will happen to us. However, the police personnel took care of me and my children. They did not let us feel that we are at a police station. The behaviour of Indian Army personnel was also very good. I am happy that I came back to India,” she said

Razia Bibi

According to Razia Bibi; “Pakistan-based terrorist outfits misguide youth in the name of Islam and push them to terrorism.” She added that they make false promises to recruits and abandon the families after their death.

She was of the view; “They (Pakistan) cannot take care of themselves how can they take care of people from India. They sent my husband to get killed. They recruit people without informing their families. Sometimes they say the men will return in three-four days but they never return. They misguide the youth of Kashmir in the name of Islam. I urge people do not take up guns. I would like to tell Hizbul Mujahideen, do not destroy families,” Razia Bibi said.

She said she took the courageous decision to return to India but there are many young women and children in Pakistan who are living in desperation. She said these families of slain terrorists have no food, clothes or medicine.

“The masters of terrorist outfits stay comfortably and send the recruits to die. My husband lost his life leaving his children as orphans. The youth get misguided by these masters and leave behind families and children on the edge. For me, humanity is the biggest religion. I believe the real jihad is to stay with family and children,” Razia Bibi said. (ANI)

According to International Business Times,Razia Bibi, the mother of three, has slammed those who sitting in Pakistan for misguiding and hoodwinking the gullible youth of Kashmir.

In a video, Razia further said that these infringe elements misguide youth and push them to terrorism, which not only makes their life hell but also pushes their family to live on the edge. She urged the youngsters not to get influenced by such people and advises everyone to not become terrorists in any conditions.

Razia said that families of all terrorists killed by the security forces in India have been dumped by those sitting in Pakistan and Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (PoJK).

 “Once they are killed in an encounter no one from the terrorist groups takes care of the family and leaves them to live on their own,” she added.

“Mine is not an isolated case, there are a number of widows of slain terrorists who have been abandoned by mentors of terrorists sitting in Pakistan and PoJK”, she said, adding, “Some terrorist widows have seven to eleven children, but they have been dumped by terror outfit”.

Razia had crossed over to PoJK along with her father when terrorism was at its peak in Jammu and Kashmir. She was married to a Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist who was later killed in an encounter with security forces in the Bandipora area of Kashmir in 2018.

“After killing my husband, mentors of terrorists dumped my family”, she said while narrating her tale of woes.

“The real Jannat’ is in India and not in Pakistan”, she said and pointed out that terrorists usually influenced in the name of Islam, but the reality was entirely different.

While narrating her story, the woman said that the entire narrative being spread is a false narrative.

“Reality is entirely different from the narrative”, she said and advised the youth of Jammu and Kashmir to India as their own country and cautioned them against misleading and vicious campaigns launched by terror outfits. “Don’t become victims to the false narrative”, she advised the youth, adding, “Pakistan is nothing but a façade”.

“Your future is only in India”, she said and advised local youth not to give any importance to such misleading propaganda. Mentors of terrorists abandoned families after the killing of terrorists. She asks youngsters not to get influenced by a false narrative of Jihad.