Taliban destroy Pak barbed-
wire erected on Durand Line


By Najibullah Lalzoy 

Special Forces of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in the Gushta district of eastern Nangarhar province destroyed the barbed wire erected by Pakistani forces on Durand Line. The barbed wire was destroyed and brought to Afghanistan after Pakistani forces reportedly wanted to erect and widen the wire.

Taliban busy in dismantling barbed-wire at Durand Line

Nagarhar province’s provincial head of General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI) Doctor Bashir was leading the operation in the bordering district of Gushta.

A video clip from the scene shows that Doctor Bashir is addressing Pakistani forces and threatening them with harsh repercussions if they do so again.

“Next time if you look bad at Afghanistan, I will come and make this area (only hundreds of meters from Pakistan’s soil) and will make it my frontline to wage war with you. I swear by Allah that waging war with you makes me happier than waging war with Jewish;” says Doctor Bashir.

Unconfirmed reports say that Pakistani forces launched artilleries on Kunar province on Monday night after the incident in the Gushta district of Nangarhar province. Pakistan has nearly completed its barbed wire on the entire Duran Line that stretches approximately 2,400 KM between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

UN monetary assistance

Officials of the United Nations have said that they are busy considering the resumption of the economy of Afghanistan and for that, the UN will allocate a package of $8 billion.

The amount of money that is supposed to be given to Afghanistan in 2022 will be spent to deliver various services in the war-torn country. The package is aimed at providing healthy food for children in schools, creating job opportunities, paying off electricity debts of Afghanistan to central Asian countries, and rebuilding governance beyond humanitarian aids in the country.

Deputy of UN Secretary-General’s special representative to Afghanistan Ramiz Alakabrov said that they do not want to turn to an alternative government in Afghanistan and added that Afghan people need dignity and hope.

Taliban destroying barbed-wire erected by Pakistani troops

He said that it is important for the international community to support them so the gains of the past two decades are preserved in Afghanistan. It comes after the UN had estimated that over half of the population of Afghanistan is starving as foreign aids are stalled and people are suffering from vas unemployment.

Afghan factories to go bankrupt

Officials of Afghanistan’s Chamber of Industry and Mines in a press conference in Kabul said that the lack of cash and freezing assets by the US have put their factories on the verge of bankruptcy.The officials said that the US has frozen nearly ten billion dollars of Afghanistan’s funds that also including $2.5 billion of Afghan investors and industrialists.

Deputy of the Chamber Sherbaz Kaminzada said that over 5,000 factories are now facing a dearth of raw material that will lead to the closure of these factories if not addressed the problems.

Kaminzada said that thousands of workers have been trained and are now busy working at the factories who will also be in danger of losing their jobs.

“We have trained thousands of workers and have invested in Afghanistan for tens of years. Why should my factories go bankrupt? We will go to UN and will also file complain in the international court.” Said Kaminzada.

The officials called on the US and the International Community to release the assets of Afghanistan to prevent a humanitarian disaster in the country as the move only impacts the common people.

Taliban destroying barbed-wire erected by Pakistani troops

(Najibullah Lalzoy is a journalist and editor at Khaama Press. He has a BA degree in journalism.)


According another source, in another video clip put up by an Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwary, Afghan Taliban intelligence chief of the Eastern Nangarhar province, Bashir is seen warning Pakistani soldiers on the Durand Line. If you violate the boundary line, be ready for war with us. We love fighting you more than the Jews. We still have a lot of work to do.”

The same  is happening on the Pakistani side as well. In a video clip, militants of the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) were shown cutting and removing the wired fencing in Waziristan. 

This is the same area of the Afghan and Pakistan border where the Pakistani army had targeted the deputy chief of TTP by a drone attack last week. But the missiles fired by drone failed to explode.

According to Afghanistan’s Khaama News, Pakistani forces launched artillery fire on Monday night after the incident of removal of wire fencing in the Gushta district of Nangarhar province. Pakistan has nearly completed its barbed wire on the entire Durand Line that stretches approximately 2600-km between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The new Taliban regime has been objecting to Pakistan fencing its 2,600-km border that it shares with Afghanistan and had clearly said that they do not recognise the Durand Line. In September, this was asserted by Chief Spokesperson of the Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid after the formation of the Taliban’s caretaker government in September. 

“We want to create a secure and peaceful environment on the border so that there should not be any need to create barriers, “the spokesperson said, hinting that the Taliban is not very inclined towards realising Pakistan’s fantasy of fencing the border along Afghanistan, and that the decision will most probably be against it”. 

Reacting to this, Pakistan has threatened to stop transit of Afghans across the Durand Line if the Taliban government objected to the fencing on the Durand Line. Though the Taliban leaders were miffed about the blackmailing by Pakistan, they have been keeping quiet on this because they need Pakistan’s support on the international platforms to legitimise their regime.

“While most of the Taliban leaders are Pakistan’s puppets, there exist nationalist Taliban too. No real Afghan will ever accept the imposed Durand line,” says Zarif Aminyar, former economic advisor of the previous Afghan government. 

No Afghan government, including the present Taliban regime, has ever recognized the legitimacy of the Durand Line, which runs through mountainous terrain and remains largely unpoliced.

And then there is the burning issue ethnic nationalism. Since the Durand Line divides the Pashtuns, it has never been popular in Afghanistan, which has always been averse to formally relinquishing its claim to a larger Pashtunistan.