Indian role in 1971
war included in BD
syllabus: Maj Gen Hasan


By Saurabh Trivedi

NEW DELHI: The history of the 1971 Liberation War is not complete without the story of the Indian side and it is part of the syllabus of Bangladesh military and educational institutions, said Major General SM Kamrul Hasan of Bangladesh Army on Tuesday.
Hasan has come to India to attend ‘Vijay Parv’ on the 50th Anniversary of the 1971 war victory along with other veterans of Bangladesh Army and Mukti Bahini at Parade Ground in Delhi where veterans of Indian Defence forces who participated in the war were also present. “It is an expression of the deep-rooted ties that we have with India and the cooperation that India did with Bangladesh in the 1971 war. We gratefully remember that and we look forward to strengthening our relationship further in days to come,” said Hasan.
“The syllabus of Bangladesh military institutions, as well as the educational institutions, adequately reflects the history of the liberation war. The young generation of Bangladesh remembers with gratefulness. They also look forward to furthering our relations in the days to come,” he added.
“Excited about being able to visit India. Every year we look eagerly to this event. I am representing one of the armed forces. We express our heartfelt gratitude to the Government of India for arranging such a festival,” he added.
At the event, veterans from both sides met each other and greeted. “We were preparing for the war from 1969. I still remember how we captured and defeated Pakistan in the war,” said Lt Colonel KHS Shekhawat.
Retd Colonel Shawkat Ali of Bangladesh Army said that he still remembers how Indian Defence forces helped them in the war and Bangladesh will always be grateful to them.

Major General SM Kamrul Hasan of Bangladesh Army

Major General SM Kamrul Hasan, noted that the history of the 1971 Liberation War is not complete without the story of the Indian side. Speaking to ANI from the Delhi parade ground on the occasion of ‘Vijay Parv’, the army officer mentioned that the syllabus of Bangladesh educational institutions and military tell the story of India’s unwavering support to Bangladesh in the civil war against Pakistan.

It is pertinent to mention that Major General Hasan is in India to celebrate the victory of Bangladesh in the 1971 war with veterans of the Bangladesh Army, Mukti Bahini, and the Indian Army who participated in the war.

Talking about his visit to India, Major General Hasan said that every year the veterans and on-duty Bangladesh army officers look forward to the event “eagerly.”

Expressing heartfelt gratitude towards New Delhi, he also added that he was excited about the tour. The event was graced by retired Lieutenant Colonel Shawkat Ali of Bangladesh Army who recalled the Indian Army’s contribution to the establishment of a democratic Bangladesh. (ANI)