Pak, Saudi troops
participate in counter
IED operations drill


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani military’s media wing has announced the opening of a counter-terrorism exercise drill focusing on improvised explosives devices (IEDs) in which Pakistani and Saudi troops are participating in the kingdom.

Pakistani and Saudi soldiers at Al-Kassah-lll Joint Military Counter IED

The exercise, the Al-Kassah-lll Joint Military Counter IED, is being held at the King Khalid Military City Hafar Al Batin in the kingdom.
“The Royal Land Saudi Forces and Pakistan Army troops will practice various drills involved in counter IED operations including searching of routes, compound clearance, vehicle clearance, explosive handling and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) drills & procedures,” the Pakistan army said in a statement.

This is the third joint Al-Kassan military exercise series between the two brotherly countries. “The training is aimed at enhancing EOD skills in counter IED domain and adopt best practices,” the statement added.