Passing of 24 bills in
Pak Parliament in a
day raises concern

Dr. Shabir Choudhary

LONDON: The passing of the 33 bills in Pakistan by a joint session of Parliament on Wednesday has raised concerns as all aspects of the bills remained unaddressed and a usual process which is required to be followed during the passage of bills to examine it thoroughly was ignored, said political activist from (AJK) Dr Shabir Chaudhary said on Thursday.

“To get a bill passed in Pakistan, you are supposed to follow a long procedure but today in Pakistan Parliament, more than two dozens of bills were passed and amendments were approved in a day,” Professor Ejaz Pracha said on Chaudhry’s show on digital media. “It has forced us to think that how this country’s system is working,” he added.
Shabir Chaudhry, during his programme My Voice on a digital media platform, discussed that how did the Pakistan Parliament pass over two dozen of bills in a day.
“World media is watching what is happening in Pakistan. Everywhere it is being discussed and it is absolutely not cementing Pakistan’s dignity,” Professor Ejaz Pracha added during the show.
The joint session of Parliament on Wednesday passed the Elections (Second Amendment) Bill, 2021 envisaging the use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in elections.
Following a walkout of the opposition members after the passage of the two bills, the government got the remaining 32 other bills easily passed. However, some of the opposition members returned to the House to move their amendments, reported The News International.
Pracha said that the main issue of the joint meeting was about EVMs as the opposition had concerns over the machines.
“Even if we leave the opposition, PTI’s allies were concerned over the EVMs, he said, stressing, “I am not aware of that over what assurances brought them to vote for the bill.”
“It can not be only through pressure, they could have had been offered assurances or other benefits to vote for the bill,” he added. (ANI)