“No game being played,
no need to worry”;
says Sheikh Rashid


ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed on Wednesday said that there is no need to worry, Prime Minister Imran Khan will complete his five-year constitutional term.

Talking to newsmen outside the Supreme Court, Sheikh Rasheed said he was asked to reach SC and he has no information about PM Imran Khan’s appearance before the apex court. If PM Imran Khan is coming, he will listen to SC, he added.

Replying to a question, he ruled out the impression of any game and added that PM will complete his constitutional term. The interior minister said he is not the attorney general of Pakistan neither a law expert to respond to the situation

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid

Sheikh Rasheed dismissed the rumours after Prime Minister Imran Khan was summoned by the Supreme Court and said “no game is being played, the game belongs to Imran Khan.”

He was also asked about the political situation in the country.

“There is no danger, Imran Khan will fulfil his five-year term,” Sheikh Rasheed said.

Responding to a question, the minister said he had arrived at the apex court “to accompany the prime minister if he appears”, adding that he did not know whether PM Imran Khan will show up or not.

He refused to comment on the hearing, saying that the law minister or the attorney general were better qualified to speak on the matter.

“The Ministry of Interior does not have the solution to every problem,” he said.