Medic Nadey Hakim
presents bust to PM
Modi, lauds his service

Dr Nadey Hakim

GLASGOW: UK-based medic Dr Nadey Hakim, who presented Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a bust here, said the Indian PM is “quite a popular gentleman” and “everybody likes him”.

The medic also said the Prime Minister made him feel at ease.

PM Modi on Monday met several Indian community leaders and Indologists in Glasgow to strengthen people-to-people ties between India and the United Kingdom.

“Strengthening our people-to-people bonds. Indian community members and Indologists gather in Glasgow to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said in a tweet.

Scotland-based Hakim was among the people who met Prime Minister Modi. He presented the Prime Minister with a bust.

Hakim said PM Modi “ensured enough time necessary to give respect to another person.”

“I have done the sculpture of the prime minister (Modi) because as you can see he is quite a popular gentleman. Everybody likes him. I really liked his features and I decided to do it. I have to say I am very thrilled first by his reaction,” he said.

Hakim said that when somebody mentioned where were glasses of PM Modi, he “took off” the Prime Minister’s glasses and put them on, “which, I thought was a good move”.

GLASGOW: Dr Nadey Hakim shaking hands with Prime Minister Narendra Modi after presenting him bust.

“I never met him before. He made me feel at ease,” he said, adding that the Prime Minister ”automatically, immediately made me feel at ease to speak to him like a brother”. Hakim said “we all are humans and that is why give respect to each other”.