Military comdrs promoted
on basis of performance
in state of Madina: Imran


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has renewed the pledge to continue his struggle for the rule of law in the country, saying he will fight for this purpose “till his last breath” to hold powerful and corrupt people accountable.

Addressing the Rahmatul lil Aalameen Conference in Islamabad on Tuesday, the premier vowed to turn the country into Madina-like welfare state to ensure merit and supremacy of law in the society.

“The system of the state of Madina was based on justice and merit, even a general was promoted to the higher rank on the basis of performance,” he said. “We can rise as a nation by following the guiding principles of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),” he added.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing at National Rehmat-ul-Lil Alameen Conference in Islamabad on Wednesday.

While taking a jibe at his political opponents, PM Imran said the Sharif family presented forged documents and tried to mislead the country’s top court through lies and an infamous “Qatari letter” in the Panama Papers case.

“If this [Panama] case had been in a British court, they [Sharif family] would have been imprisoned immediately. There is a huge difference between the justice system of the West and Pakistan,” the premier said, adding that the country can never prosper unless the powerful people are held accountable before the law.

Speaking about the economic woes of the country, PM Imran said 9 million Pakistanis living abroad had money but they do not invest in Pakistan due to a failed and corrupt system.

“If few thousand overseas Pakistanis make an investment in Pakistan, we will get rid of International Monetary Fund (IMF).”

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing at National Rehmat-ul-Lil Alameen Conference in Islamabad on Wednesday.

Morality could not be destroyed by bombs as was evident from Germany and Japan which rose back after the World War due to high moral standards, he added.

According to experts of the FACTI Panel of the United Nations, PM Imran said $1,000 billion looted through corrupt practices every year are sent from the poor to rich countries.

He assured that people would be provided subsidies on food items, loans for houses and opening of businesses besides health cards of citizens would take care of their medical needs.

He expressed concern at increasing sex crimes in the society, adding that obscenity destroyed the family system in Britain. “We have to protect our children, youth and family from the obscene culture.”

Vowing to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state in true letter and spirit, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday stressed the need for following the teachings of the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in order to achieve salvation in this world as well as in the life hereafter.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan awarding a prize to winner of competitions.

Imran Khan stressed the need for guiding the nation, particularly the youth, to a right path. All I want is a proper upbringing of the countrys youth, he underscored.  He recalled that in 60s Pakistan was going great guns. But sadly, later it came downhill, he regretted. 

He also cautioned against growing vulgarity in the country, particularly sex crimes, just like what had happened in the West in 60s. Vulgarity has destroyed the social fabric of western countries as more and more couples are breaking up, he said, and added, We have to save our nation from this culture.

PM Imran said never ever in the history children had such gadgets in their hands which they had now in the shape of mobile phones. He also gave details of the Rehmatulil Alameen Authority to be set up by the government under which syllabuses at educational institutions and media transmissions would also be monitored.

He informed that the Authority would also announce scholarships for students. He said the greatest desire he had was to make the youth of Pakistan lead their lives in accordance with the Islamic teachings.