Locations of 60
Well pharmacies offering
COVID booster jabs


LONDON: In wake of ongoing campaign of COVID-19 jabs throughout the UK, eligible patients attending a participating Well pharmacy for their COVID-19 booster vaccine appointment will also be offered the NHS flu jab “wherever possible, to protect as many people as possible”, the multiple said in a statement yesterday (October 5), reported by Emily Stearn for C+D (Community pharmacy news and analysis and CPD)

This is in keeping with NHS England and NHS Improvement’s community pharmacy local enhanced service plan, which it published last month (September 17).

Well Pharmacy has confirmed the locations of the 60 branches where patients will be able to get their COVID-19 booster jab.

It advised that pharmacy contractors should co-administer both vaccinations where possible, “in order to maximise efficiency for the pharmacy contractor and minimise the number of attendances required for patients to receive these vaccinations”.

By Emily Stearn

 Last week, a spokesperson for Well told C+D that 55 of its branches had been selected to participate in the booster programme.

But a total of 60 Well pharmacies will begin offering the jab “over the next two weeks”, a spokesperson confirmed to C+D today. The NHS will be in contact with patients to invite them for the COVID-19 booster vaccine when they are due for it, they said.

“Government guidelines have outlined that booster jabs will initially be offered to people aged 50 years and over, health and social care workers and to the most vulnerable,” Well said. “The boosters will be offered around six months after the second COVID jab was administered.”

Well Pharmacy operations director Louis Purchase added: “We are delighted and proud to play our part in the rollout of the COVID-19 booster vaccination programme.”

COVID-19 jab
Well pharmacy

Boots began administering COVID-19 booster vaccinations from 55 of its branches earlier this week (October 4), while an additional 72 in-store Asda pharmacies will join the COVID-19 vaccination programme to offer booster jabs from next week.