India diaspora protest
outside Pakistan High
Commission in London


LONDON: The active members of Indian diaspora in Britain recently held a demonstration outside the Pakistan High Commission in London and raised the slogans and made the speeches asking the community to boycott Pakistani stuffs, shops and restaurants.

“Pakistan Government is propagating against India in the name of ‘Hindutva’ which we shall not tolerate. To hold demonstration against our country outside Indian High Commission has become a routine for a long time and now we shall not let them do this practice”, one of the speakers said.

LONDON: Members of India diaspora protesting outside the Pakistan High Commission. (Nation picture)

“To ensure the peaceful atmosphere in Britain, such protests and demonstrations should not be allowed to any community and diaspora and diplomatic missions of all countries should be made safe and protected”, the common people have suggested to British government.

These people referred to a recently held mega online international conference titled ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ in the US and said that this was the first academic attempt initiated by academia to understand the ‘Hindutva’ and its impact on western societies including western campuses of universities.

The conference was addressed by speakers from leading universities in the world including Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, University of Chicago, and Berkeley. Over 600 academics across the world attended the online event.

The participants expressed their concerns that Hindutva was becoming a global phenomenon and even the western universities having under its influence spread by the Indian Hindu students.

Speakers were of the view that Hindutva as a political philosophy is spreading in Europe and other countries.