Change of power in Afghanistan
not inclusive, took place
without negotiation; says Modi


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that change of power in Afghanistan is not inclusive and took place without negotiation.

Addressing the joint SCO-CSTO Outreach Session on Afghanistan through video message, the Prime Minister said the maximum impact of the recent developments in Afghanistan will be on neighbouring countries like India. “Hence it is necessary to have regional focus and cooperation on the issue,” he said. 

The Prime Minister highlighted the problems caused by growing radicalisation and extremism in the broader SCO region which runs counter to the history of the region as a bastion of moderate and progressive cultures and values. 

Referring to the “humanitarian crisis” in Afghanistan, the Prime Minister said that the economic compulsions of people are increasing due to obstacles to financial and trade flows.

He said the challenge of COVID-19 was also a reason for people’s problems.   

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

“The change of power in Afghanistan is not inclusive, has taken place without negotiation,” the Prime Minister said.  

He said the global community should be careful in the way it approaches issues related to Afghanistan. PM Modi suggested that the SCO could develop a code of conduct on ‘zero tolerance’ towards terrorism in the region, and highlighted the risks of drugs, arms and human trafficking from Afghanistan.

He said if instability and fundamentalism persist in Afghanistan, it will encourage terrorist and extremist ideologies all over the world.

“Other extremist organisations might be encouraged to get power through violence. We should ensure that the land of Afghanistan is not used to spread terrorism in any country. SCO member nations should develop strict norms over this issue.”

Afghanistan plunged into crisis last month after the Taliban took control of the capital Kabul and the government collapsed as former President Ashraf Ghani fled the country.

Suggestions to SCO members

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that SCO members must make strict norms to prevent the use of Afghan soil for terrorism against any country.

Addressing the SCO-CSTO outreach summit, Prime Minister Modi said the world must ensure that Afghan soil is not used for terrorism against any country.

He said events unfolding in Afghanistan will have maximum impact on neighbouring countries like India.

“We are already victims of terrorism.  SCO member countries must establish strict norms based on zero tolerance for terror. This can be further used as a template for the global fight against terrorism, there should be a strict code on terror financing and cross-border terrorism,” he said.

Indian’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the virtual SCO Summit on Friday. 

The Prime Minister said that instability in Afghanistan will incubate extremism and radicalism and other extremists groups may use violence to grab power. 

He also said that the new regime in Afghanistan is not inclusive and has not come to power after negotiations. It does not represent all sections of Afghan society, women and minorities. “Questions are being raised over the acceptability of this new system in Afghanistan,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that the global community must think and deliberate in detail before accepting and giving recognition to the new government in Afghanistan.

He emphasised that United Nations must play a central role in this aspect and any decision should be based on global consensus.

He said a large number of weapons are still left in Afghanistan which poses a constant threat to the region and the world. 

PM Modi also said that India will support any regional and global effort to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghans.

He said India is willing to support Afghans with humanitarian assistance, medicines and food provided there is unhindered access. (ANI)