Generals and bureaucrats
were responsible for ousting
my govt: Nawaz Sharif


LONDON: Former prime minister and Head, PML-N, Mian Nawaz Sharif has heavily criticized the present government and held responsible it for corruption and misdeeds. Addressing the rally in Karachi from London via video link on Sunday, he said that Pakistan is on the verge of “destruction” because of the conspiracies hatched against democracy by a few individuals.

Former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif

“These few individuals were including generals, bureaucrats and politicians. My constitutional and genuine government was ousted under a calculated conspiracy hatched by certain people who were well known by the masses”, he said.

Flags with the portraits of Nawaz Sharif are waving at the public meeting in Karachi on Sunday.

The former premier said that if he was not ousted from power through “conspiracies”, the situation of the country would have been much better today.

“Elected prime minister was removed from power through ‘Panama episode’ and Imran Khan was installed in power through rigged elections,” he added.

Nawaz blamed the undemocratic forces for the country’s downfall, saying a handful of people have occupied the resources of the country while the masses were suffering due to inflation and unemployment.

He added that a few individuals have sabotaged the country’s democratic system by stealing the people’s mandate.

“The system of present government is corrupt and as a result the rich are becoming richer and poor are turning into poorer and a day will come when every thing would be destroyed”, Nawaz Sharif warned.