PHC holds virtual
‘Khuli Katchehri’ with diaspora


LONDON: Pakistan High Commissioner Moazzam Ahmad Khan held the 8th virtual ‘Khuli Katchehry’ (open meeting) with the Pakistani diaspora in the UK on 07 September 2021. The diaspora members sought redressal of their issues regarding visas, NICOPs, POCs, passports and property matters in Pakistan. While addressing some problems instantly, he assured that the remaining issues would be taken up with the concerned authorities in Pakistan. The High Commissioner also welcomed the suggestions of the diaspora members for the improvement of the services.

Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK Moazzam Ahmad Khan holding Virtual ‘Khuli Katchehri’ (open meeting) with the diaspora on Tuesday.

The diaspora members were particularly keen to know as to when Pakistan was going to be removed from the UK’s Red List for travel. The High Commissioner said that he was in contact with the relevant UK authorities in this regard and removing Pakistan from the Red List was his priority.

A large number of community members attended the virtual interaction. They appreciated the initiative of Virtual Khuli Katchehri at the Mission and termed it a useful platform for community facilitation. As per the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the virtual Khuli Katchehri is held at the High Commission every month.

Discusses Afghan issue with Tom Tugendhat MP

High Commissioner for Pakistan to the UK, Moazzam Ahmad Khan had a productive exchange of views with Chair Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Commons, Tom Tugendhat MP here on Tuesday. He shared Pakistan’s perspective on evolving situation in Afghanistan.

He also apprised MP Tugendhat of Pakistan’s facilitation of the evacuation efforts and humanitarian support. Pakistan-UK bilateral relations also came under discussion. The High Commissioner said Pakistan values friendship with the UK and both countries have a lot to accomplish together.

Pak High Commissioner Moazzam Ahmad Khan and Tom Tugendhat MP

Pak High Commissioner Moazzam Ahmad Khan is in regular contact with British politicians and other dignitaries and giving them briefing about Pakistan’s policy and standing on Afghanistan, India and other regional affairs.

Interview to BBC Radio-4

On Friday, highlighting Pakistan’s perspective on the evolving situation in Afghanistan at BBC Radio4’s flagship programme ‘Today’ High Commissioner Moazzam Ahmad Khan stated that Pakistan was doing everything possible to help evacuate diplomats, NGO workers, journalists and foreign nationals from Afghanistan. A large number were being facilitated on a daily basis.

He stressed on the need for the international community to stay constructively engaged with Afghanistan keeping in view the ground realities. The effort at this point should be to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and pre-empt mass exodus of refugees.

He underscored that Pakistan was already hosting 4 million Afghan refugees and did not possess the capacity to take in more. The Covid-19 pandemic had made matters worse. In order to regulate the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, Pakistan had been fencing it for some years, and had completed 97% of the task.

The High Commissioner stated that Pakistan had consistently maintained that there was no military solution to the conflict in Afghanistan, and that a political settlement was the only viable option. Pakistan’s asks of the new Taliban regime were the same as those of the international community, i.e., that the future dispensation should be broad-based and inclusive, and that human rights including women rights should be respected.

On the question of recognition, he clarified that Pakistan had not taken a decision to recognize the next Taliban government. Pakistan was monitoring the situation closely and was in touch with friends and partners in the international community in this regard.