Mir Shakeel’s pleas
rejected in land case


LAHORE: The Accountability Court (AC) has rejected the acquittal petitions of Jang Group Editor-in-Chief Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman and two others in reference to the 34-year-old illegal land allotment.

Dawn newspaper reported the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) alleged that Mir Shakil ur Rehman have illegally block, containing a discount of 54 plots for sale in Johar Town.

He said that the allotment of land was done in collaboration with the then Chief Minister Nawaz Sharif against the policy of exemption and laws on financial benefits.

Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman

The NAB alleged that the accused violated the allotment policy and caused a loss of Rs. 143.5 million to the national exchequer through land allotment.

The other two accused, Humayun Faiz Rasool, former director general of Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and Mian Bashir Ahmed, former director land development, appeared in court.

In addition, Nawaz Sharif was declared a fugitive for not participating in the court proceedings. Defendants’ attorneys argued that the prosecution’s story was false, frivolous and failed to present evidence. He asked the court to allow the pleas of the accused under Section 265 of the CRPC and acquit them of the charges.

NAB Special Prosecutor Haris Qureshi opposed the pleas, saying there was strong evidence to establish corruption charges against the accused.

He said the accused had filed acquittal petitions at an early stage as the evidence was yet to be examined by the trial court.

Presiding Judge Asad Ali dismissed the petitions because they were premature. The judge remarked that the prosecution should be given a fair chance to present its case. The judge directed the prosecution to present its witnesses on September 22.