Covid-19: UK passes
7m confirmed Covid cases


LONDON: More than seven million confirmed cases of coronavirus have been recorded since the pandemic began, official figures show. It comes as another 41,192 positive tests were reported on Monday, along with 45 Covid-related deaths.

But the real number of people infected during the pandemic is likely to be much higher, partly due to the lack of testing in the early stages.

According to a BBC report, Covid-19 has been named on the death certificate of 156,119 people. The most recent figures show that there are 7,606 Covid-19 patients in hospital, with 1,034 on ventilators.

Many cases during the pandemic have not shown up in the official daily count because testing only became available in summer 2020, with only people in hospital being tested before then.

Even as testing became widespread, cases will have been missed as some people do not develop symptoms or have such a mild illness they do not even realise they are infected.

Modelling by the University of Cambridge suggests 17 million people in England have been infected since the pandemic began – about 30% of the population.

The milestone of seven million confirmed cases comes as pupils across the UK have returned to school, with many in England and Wales resuming classes on Monday.

Many Covid measures have now been lifted in schools, including the requirement for face masks and isolation bubbles.

In Northern Ireland, more than half of pupils at one school could not attend because of close contact with someone who tested positive.

Meanwhile, Monday was the busiest morning on the London Underground since March 2020, Transport for London said. Tube passengers were up 20% and bus passengers up by 40% from the previous week, accounting for the bank holiday, but numbers are still less than half of pre-pandemic numbers on the Underground.

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