Several arrests in shameful act
in Lahore, more videos appear


LAHORE: A number of arrests have been made in connection with the horrific and shameful act happened in Lahore on 14th August. Inspector General (IG) Punjab Inam Ghani formed a three-member high-level committee to investigate the August 14 incident of harassment of a woman in Greater Iqbal Park.

According to an order issued by the IG Police Office, a three-member committee headed by Additional IG Safe City Authority Sardar Ali Khan has been set up, comprising DIG Internal Accountability Bureau Punjab Muhammad Yousuf Malik and AIG Logistics Punjab Athar. Ismail Amjad is also included.

Ayesha Akram

The order directed the committee to review all aspects of the incident and submit a report to the IG Punjab by August 22.

Three TORs have been mentioned in the order to the inquiry committee, according to which the committee will look into every aspect of the incident in detail.

The committee will investigate how many security personnel were deployed in the Greater Iqbal Park on the occasion of Independence Day in view of the large number of citizens.

What was the reaction of the police when this incident took place and the reasons for delay in registration of FIR and those responsible will also be determined.

The committee will also determine the Lahore police officials who showed negligence in dealing with the situation before, during and after the incident.

According to the woman, she was harassed by hundreds of people in Lahore Greater Park. She and her colleagues tried hard to avoid the crowd and considering the situation, the security guard opened the door near Minar-e-Pakistan.

“The police were told but the number of attackers was very high. People were pushing me and they tore my clothes. Many people tried to help me but the crowd was huge,” he said. ۔

The woman further said that her ring and earrings were also taken away while her mobile phone, identity card and Rs 15,000 were also snatched from her partner

Ayesha Akram has filed a complaint with police in which she alleged that a mob of around 400 people attacked her and her friends while she was filming a video near Minar-e-Pakistan on August 14, according to local media reports.
“I was stripped and my clothes were torn apart,” she said alleging that the mob picked her up and started tossing her in the air, the Express Tribune quoted.
She also alleged that she kept crying for help but to no avail and no one came to her rescue.
Disturbing video clips widely circulated in social media show hundreds of men thrashing the woman, tearing her clothes and hurling it into the air.
She also alleged that her gold ornaments were “forcibly taken” by unidentified people in the crowd, while the mobile phone and cash were also “snatched”.

The incident took place at the Greater Iqbal Park area in Lahore according to the First Information Report (FIR) registered at the Lorry Adda police station in the city.
The annual report of the State of Human Rights in Pakistan released by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) for the year 2020 amply describes the plight of women in the country.
The HRCP report has once again painted a concerning picture of the women’s rights situation in the country. The HRCP has highlighted forms of violence against women, which include sexual assault and domestic violence prevalent across the country.

Police register case

Lahore police have registered a case against hundreds of unidentified persons on charges of assaulting and stealing a woman Tuck Tucker and her accomplices in Iqbal Park on the occasion of Independence Day.

According to an FIR lodged at the Lari Ada police station in Lahore, the capital of Punjab, the complainant stated that she was filming near Minar-e-Pakistan with six others on the occasion of Independence Day when 300 to 400 people attacked them. done.

He said that he and his comrades tried hard to avoid the crowd and considering the situation, the security guard had opened the door near Minar Pakistan.

The police were told that despite this the number of attackers was very high and people were coming towards us, people were pushing me and they tore my clothes, many people tried to help me but The crowd was huge.

The complainant further said that his accomplices were also attacked, during which his ring and earrings were also forcibly taken away while his accomplice’s mobile phone, identity card and Rs 15,000 were also snatched.

FIR of the said incident is Penal Code of Pakistan Section 354A (Assault on a woman or criminal use of force and tearing of clothes), 382 (Stealing with intent to kill, Damage with intent to loot), 147 (Riot) And 149.

Meanwhile, Lahore DIG Operations Sajid Kayani directed the Superintendent of Police to take immediate legal action against the accused involved in the incident.

The DIG said the footage should be used to track down the culprits and bring to justice those who violated the woman’s dignity and tried to harass her.

A video of the incident had been circulating on social media since this morning, with the public reacting angrily to the mob’s outrage.

The case comes at a time when the issue of violence against women has resurfaced in the country following the recent killings of Noor Muqaddam and Qarat al-Ain.

A video went viral on social media this month showing six people harassing a couple in Islamabad, forcing them to take off their clothes at gunpoint and committing indecent acts. The couple tried to ridicule him verbally and physically.