APL chairman welcomes
Mayor Rochdale Asim Rashid


ROCHDALE: Cllr Asim Rashid, Mayor of Rochdale, called on Amjad Malik Solicitor Advocate and Chair APL (Association of Pakistani lawyers) U.K. and former Chair BoG of OPF (Pakistan) at his Rochdale chambers.

Amjad Malik welcomed the mayor and said, “We are very proud that one of our overseas Pakistani friend and brother, an old Ravian, has been elected as the Mayor of Rochdale and he visited APL chambers today.

It is our great pride that overseas Pakistanis are not only just leaders contributing in Pakistan through their knowledge service and experience but are offering role model services as global leaders worldwide. We are proud of them.”

ROCHDALE: Amjad Malik Solicitor Advocate and Chair APL presenting souvenir to Mayor of Rochdale Cllr. Asim Rashid when he visited his office.

“We wish Cllr Asim Rashid a success in his tenure and we pray that his time at public office is glittered with passion to serve the people of Rochdale and of Pakistan, dedication and hard work to aide and assist the people of borough and he brings innovation and help in this overall corona affected atmosphere. He can assist to bridge the gap between both sides of the communities. May God bless him, Mr Malik said,

Cllr Asim Rashid thanked Amjad Malik for the welcome and honour and appreciated his work and services for the community.

As Chair Association of Pakistani Lawyers welcomed and acknowledged Cllr Asim Rashid Mayor of Rochdale with a shield and presented his book ‘Road to Pakistan’ to the visiting delegate at his Rochdale chambers on Monday 23 August 2021.