Afghan and Taliban flags
waved in Islamabad park


RAWALPINDI: Security agencies were placed on high alert after police received a report that a group of people were waving Afghan and Taliban flags at Lake View Park in Islamabad.

According to Dawn newspaper report, the Lake View Park with malpur village near Murree Road, where key government buildings including Parliament House, and management of this area is not far to the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Sources said that 20 to 24 youths were seen waving the two flags and taking pictures in the evening in the park. A police party immediately rushed to the spot and questioned the men, but no case was registered against them.

When Dawn contacted the police officer investigating the case, he confirmed the presence of “such people” in the park. However, he declined to give further details about the incident.

Another officer said that since waving the flag of another country was not a crime, the police did not take any action.

In August 2019, an Afghan man was arrested for allegedly hanging the Afghan national flag on a billboard at Board Bazaar in Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Police said that according to the accused, there was no nefarious motive behind hanging the flag but he just wanted to take a picture with it.

Earlier, in January 2016, a man was arrested after raiding the house of Omar Daraz son of Liaquat Ali after receiving a report of hoisting the Indian flag in a village in Okara, Punjab.

The arrested man said that he was a fan of Indian cricket team batsman Virat Kohli and had also posted pictures of him on the walls of his house. However, after his arrest, he realized that he had made a mistake by waving the Indian flag.