Silsila’s kidnapping, torturing;
police arrest second taxi driver


ISLAMABAD: Authorities in Islamabad have arrested the second taxi driver allegedly involved in the kidnapping and assault on an Afghan envoy’s daughter. The development came a day after Interior Minister Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed said authorities are in touch with one of two taxi drivers whose services the daughter of the ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan utilised on the day she was assaulted.

The minister, speaking to a private Tv channel, said the authorities are in touch with the family but a written statement has yet to be provided on the incident. He said the authorities tracked down one of the taxi drivers and are in touch with him, while the second one will be traced using cameras after authorities get a written statement and request from the family.

Injured Silsila Alikhel

The development comes after Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed Rasheed to ensure that the culprits behind the incident involving the ambassador’s daughter are arrested within 48 hours and all facts behind the incident ascertained.

The prime minister said that all law enforcement agencies must probe the matter on priority basis and make use of all available resources to apprehend the abductors.

The Foreign Office had earlier issued a statement saying that the culprits are being traced to be brought to justice.”Yesterday, the daughter of the ambassador was assaulted while riding a rented vehicle,” said a statement issued by the FO, quoting the spokesperson, Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri.

According to the statement, immediately after the disturbing incident was reported, the Islamabad Police launched a thorough investigation. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant security authorities are closely in contact with the ambassador and his family and extending full support in the matter,” the statement added.

It said that the security of the ambassador and his family “has been beefed up” and in the meanwhile, law enforcement agencies “are trying to trace and apprehend the culprits to be brought to justice”.

“It is reiterated that the safety and security of the diplomatic missions, as well as the diplomats and their families, is of utmost importance. “Such incidents can and will not be tolerated,” the statement said in conclusion.

According to a statement by the Afghan foreign ministry, the ambassador’s daughter was abducted for several hours and tortured.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid

Interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Sunday the culprits involved in the recent abduction and assault of the daughter of Afghanistan’s ambassador would be arrested within the next 72 hours. “Islamabad police have registered an FIR (police report) based on the written statement of Silsila Alikhil and have collected evidence in the kidnapping and assault case of the daughter of the Afghan ambassador,” Ahmed said at a press conference.

Pakistan Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Sunday

“The police are investigating the case as top priority on the orders of the prime minister. In the next 48 hours, most likely, and maximum 72 hours, we will solve the case.”
The interior minister said investigative agencies had used CCTV cameras to trace Alikhil’s travels in various markets of Islamabad and its twin-city of Rawalpindi on July 16.
“The Afghan ambassador’s daughter had left her home on foot and arrived at Jinnah Super Market [in Islamabad],” Ahmed said. “From the market, she took a taxi to Khadda Market [Islamabad] for shopping.”

From Khadda Market, Alikhil took another taxi to Rawalpindi, the minister said.
“We also have footage of her getting out of a taxi at a Rawalpindi shopping mall. She then took a third taxi to arrive at Daman-e-Koh and from there she arrived at F-9 park,” Ahmed said, adding that investigators had interviewed and recorded the statement of three taxi drivers. “The only gap [in the investigation] that we are facing is how she was able to arrive at Daman-e-Koh from Rawalpindi and for this we are checking CCTV cameras.

He said Alikhil was first treated at a private hospital, Ali Medical Center, and then brought to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences where her treatment and medical examination was completed as per the legal requirements.