India rejects Pak allegation
of Delhi’s hand in Lahore blast


NEW DELHI: Responding to Imran Khan’s allegation that India is behind recent Lahore blasts, India said Pakistan must put its house in order and act against terrorism emanating from its soil.

“Pakistan would do well to extend the same effort in setting its own house in order and taking credible and verifiable action against terrorism emanating from its soil and terrorists who have found safe sanctuaries there,” said Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi during weekly briefing.

India said the world knows about Pakistan terror linkages and its own leaders are glorifying Osama bin Laden.”International community is well aware of Pakistan’s credentials when it comes to terrorism. This is acknowledged by none other than their own leadership which continues to glorify Osama bin laden as a martyr,” the MEA spokesperson said.

Indian spokesman Arindam Bagchi

MEA also shared details of recent meeting between Indian envoy and OIC secretary general. In the meet India has asked OIC to correct misperception about India perpetrated by Pakistan.

“During this meeting a wide range of issues were discussed. Our ambassador conveyed the need to correct the misperceptions about India that are perpetrated by vested interest in the OIC. Further he conveyed that OIC should be watchful that their platform is not subverted by these vested interests for comments on internal affairs of India or for anti-India propaganda through biased and one-sided resolutions as regards Pakistan already referred to vested interest in my comments,” he added.

Meeting between Indian envoy, Saudi ambassador, and OIC secretary-general was held earlier this week on 5 July. (ANI)

Pakistani spokesman

Pakistan on Thursday rejected Indian denial of involvement in the June 23, 2021 terrorist attack in Lahore saying there was “irrefutable evidence of India’s aiding, abetting and financing of this terrorist incident.”

The Foreign Office spokesperson, in a statement said that in the past too, Pakistan had pointed out Indian state sponsorship of terrorism in Pakistan. There is no doubt that the intelligence agency from across the border was involved in planning and executing terrorist attacks against Pakistan, he added.

He said Commander Kulbhushan Jadhav, who had been caught red-handed in March 2016, was the most familiar and undeniable face of India’s state-sponsorship of terrorism against Pakistan.

“Use of terrorism as an instrument of state policy by India makes it culpable under international law, UN sanctions regime, and international counter-terrorism conventions,” the spokesperson remarked.

He said it was the collective responsibility of the world community to hold India to account and take practical steps to proceed against the Indian nationals involved in patronage of terrorism against Pakistan.

The spokesperson said Pakistan’s credentials in the fight against terrorism did not need endorsement by India. Pakistan has been a victim of terrorism perpetrated by Al-Qaeda, its affiliates and state-sponsored terrorism, he added.

He said Pakistan’s sacrifices and its achievements in fighting terrorism have been recognized by the world.

“We call upon India to dismantle its terror infrastructure against Pakistan, arrest the perpetrators of the Lahore attack, and bring them to justice without any delay,” the spokesperson said.