Parents of Zakir arrested in
Noor Muqaddams murder case


ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad police have arrested the parents of Noor Muqaddams killer, police sources said.  Zahir Zakirs father Zakir Jaffer and mother Asmat Adamjee were taken into custody by the police in the federal capital late on Saturday night. Earlier, the police also arrested Zahir Zakirs domestic helpers Iftikhar and Jamil for investigation.

Use accused picture and his parents if you can get from various sources

The arrests of Zakir Jaffer and Asmat Adamjee were after a detailed statement by Noor Muqaddams father, Shaukat Muqaddam.

The police, however, did not rule out more arrests linked to Noors murder. They said the police are trying to piece together all the direct or indirect evidence linked to this murder.

The police said Zakir Jaffer, Asmat Adamjee, servants Iftikhar and Jameel were arrested on charges of hiding facts and assistance in crime.

Meanwhile, Islamabad Deputy Commissioner reported has ordered to seal the Therapy Works Rehabilitation Centre where the murderer spent some time.

On July 23, the Islamabad police which have declared the suspect who brutally murdered ex-diplomats daughter Noor Muqaddam in possession of sound mental health while committing the grisly actwould request the interior ministry to put the suspects name on the Exit Control List.

Sources said that the police had widened scope of their investigation. The suspect who is the scion of a leading businessman of Karachi holds dual nationality. Police would request the interior ministry to put the suspects name on the ECL, the sources added.

The sources said that police would also obtain suspect Zahir Zakirs criminal record from Britain and America. They would write letters to the authorities over there and request for the access to suspects criminal record in those countries.

Police escort Zahir Zakir Jaffer, the key suspect in the Noor Mukadam murder case, to the court to seek extension in his physical remand on Friday.

IG Jamil on Friday summoned the investigation team. The head of the inquiry team, the SSP Investigation apprised the IG of the development of the case. He reposed his confidence in the conduct of the investigation.

IG Jamil asked the inquiry team not to come under any kind of pressure or intervention from any quarters during the course of their investigation. He wanted them to conduct an investigation on merit.

On Wednesday, the Foreign Office expressed its shock over the murder of former Pakistani diplomat Shaukat Muqaddams daughter and hoped that the culprit would soon be brought to justice.

Police sources informed that the throat of Noor Muqaddam was slit open with a sharp-edged weapon in Islamabads upscale area of Sector F-7/4 in the precincts of Kohisar police station. Her killer, Zahir Zakir Jaffer, was arrested from the scene of the crime. A security guard informed the police about the murder of the ex-diplomats daughter.