China lauds Imran Khan’s
remarks on ruling party


BEIJING: China has appreciated the remarks of Prime Minister Imran Khan wherein he praised the ruling Communist Party of China for finding a “unique model of governance” and introducing enormous development for the society in its own way.

Last week, the prime minister, while speaking to reporters from China, said: “While they had been told that the best way for a society to improve itself is to follow the Western system of liberal democracy, the CPC actually beat all Western democracies by nurturing a society that brings things forward.”

“What the CPC has done is that, without that electoral democracy, it has actually fared much better. What I saw in China when I visit the Communist Party headquarters and when they give us briefings about their system of sifting talent and then grooming it and bringing it up, for me it is probably more remarkable than any electoral democracy,” he added.

Wang Wenbin

During a briefing held Monday, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said the comments were “appreciable”.

“I have noted the relevant report. Also noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan said that CPC has found a unique model and brought enormous developments for the Chinese society in its own way beating many Western democracies. We appreciate these remarks,” he said.

Wenbin said, lately, many foreign media outlets and people from different social segments have expressed warm congratulations on the CPC centenary. “They said that the CPC committed to its founding mission has overcome all kinds of difficulties and led the Chinese nation to great achievements in socio-economic development,” he added.

The spokesperson said that the century-long journey of the CPC has shaken the world, adding that as its General Secretary and Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out at a ceremony marking the centenary: socialism with Chinese characteristics is a fundamental achievement of the party and the people forged through innumerable hardships and great sacrifices and it is the right path to achieve national rejuvenation.

Wenbin said: “As we have upheld and developed the socialism with Chinese characteristics and driven coordinated progress in material, political, cultural, ethical, social and ecological terms, we have pioneered a new and unique Chinese path of modernization and created a new model for human advancement.”

He expressed confidence that the Chinese nation will continue to follow this path.