Baloch group holds demo in Islamabad against abduction

ISLAMABAD: A delegation of worried women from Balochistan province held a meeting with Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid and informed him about the circumstances who and how long their relatives have been kidnapped and still missing.

“We have knocked the door of everyone but our loved one are still missing and there is no clue of them”, they told him.

“Government is trying its best to local these people and we are hopeful that they will come back a day”, Sheikh Rashid assured him.

According to details, in a bid to highlight the plight of minority communities in Pakistan, a rights group — Baloch Voice of Missing Persons (BVMP) has been holding demonstrations in Islamabad over the issue of forced abduction, torture, and harassment of the people of Balochistan by the Pakistani agencies.

Pic16-049 ISLAMABAD: Feb16- Relatives of Missing Persons of Balochistan hold a protest for the recovery of their natives at D-Chowk in Federal Capital. ONLINE PHOTO by Waseem Khan

Scores of protesters were seen shouting slogans on Tuesday against the Pakistani establishment and demanding the recovery of their loved ones who have illegally abducted by the army.

Speaking at the protest in Islamabad, one of the Baloch victims said: “I am a Baloch daughter. I don’t have any affiliation with political or social organisation. I have not come here from Balochistan to deliver a speech. I can’t afford to come to the capital of the country for no reason. Unfortunately, I belong to a generation which has witnessed not but atrocities but also troubled times. You must have heard about Bosnia and Palestine but I have seen Balochistan.”

“I have not come here to serve any agenda; I have come here as a victim. My brother and cousin have been missing for one year. Since 2001 ethnic cleansing is taking place in Balochistan. They have not even spared Sindhis and Pashtuns.”

Amid the ongoing demonstrations, PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz on Wednesday had urged Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to speak to the relatives of the Baloch missing persons who had staged a protest at D-Chowk, reports Geo News.

ISLAMABAD: Families of missing and kidnapped giving details of their ordeal to Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid during the meeting on Tuesday.

“You are placed in the corridors of power,” Maryam said. “It is your duty to listen to these people.”

There is a long history of enforced disappearances in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan. While thousands of Balochs have been abducted and disappeared since its illegal occupation, hundreds of others have been eliminated in the line of Pakistan’s “kill and dump” policy. Thousands still remain unaccounted for.

Due to the silence and numbness of the civilized world and Human rights organizations and lack of the media or other means in Balochistan.

Enforced Disappearance has been used as a tool by the Pakistani state to silence the oppressed people of Balochistan since the very first day of its occupation. While countless Abductees have been killed, many of them are still facing inhuman torture in army secrets cells.

Enforced disappearances have been a long stain on Pakistan’s human rights record. Despite the pledges of successive governments to criminalize the practice, there has been a very slow movement on legislation which is equal to nothing, while people continue to be forcibly disappeared with impunity. (ANI)

Meeting with Justice Iqbal

It is pertinent to mention here that the families of the missing persons met with the chairman Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances (COIED), Justice Javed Iqbal on Monday and thanked him for making earnest efforts for recovery of missing persons.

ISLAMABAD: Justice Javed Iqbal, Chairman Missing Persons Commission meeting with relatives of missing persons who belong to Balochistan in Islamabad on Monday. The relatives say that have no clue to their loved one for a long time.

The families of missing persons from Balochistan lauded the disposal of 4,822 cases by January 31, 2021. The families were told that him a total of 2,122 persons were still missing and information about them was being gathered. Last month, some 290 people from Balochistan alone were found to have returned to their homes.

Justice Javed Iqbal, said he will soon visit Quetta to look after the grievances of missing persons of Balochistan. In addition, the COIED has started conducting hearings in its federal and provincial offices by taking security precautions to contain coronavirus pandemic. He said that the missing and kidnapping of people and their pain of relative only can only those who suffer faints.

The families of missing persons lauded the efforts of National Commission for Missing Persons chairman for disposing of 4,822 cases by January 31, 2021. A total of 2,122 persons were still missing and information about them was being gathered vigorously. Last month, 290 persons from Balochistan alone were found to have returned to their homes. National Commission for Missing Persons Chairman Justice Javed Iqbal said he will soon visit Quetta to look into the cases of missing persons of Balochistan.

In addition, he told the families of missing persons that the National Commission for Missing Persons has started conducting personal hearings in the federal and provincial offices in accordance with the law in which all measures are being taken to contain coronavirus pandemic. It is pertinent to mention that as chairman Missing Persons Commission Justice Javed Iqbal (retd) does not receive salary and doesn’t use government resources but considers it his national duty to act as the chairman of the National Commission for Missing Persons.

Akhtar Mengal

BNP (Mengal)’s head Akhtar Mengal has said that Establishment will have to sort out the issue of missing persons from Baluchistan. In a statement issued through twitter, Mengal said that why can’t we talk to the Baluchs if we can to the Taliban?

Talking about the missing persons, BNP (Mengal)’s chief said that I have presented the issue before whole nation including Supreme Court and the Parliament. Mengal further said that I have suggested a written solution for the issue but it is un-resolved yet. 

Akhtar Mengal asked Prime Minister Imran Khan that you had come out to protest on the issue of electoral rigging, but could not feel the pain of families whose family members are missing.