Germany was once
a desolate meadow


By Sohail Ahmad Loun

Japan and Germany were the hardest hit in World War II, with most German cities reduced to rubble. After World War II, Germany’s biggest challenge was rebuilding the devastated country. An extended period of war ruined the economy and dangerously reduced German men and skilled people.  Many works (Guest-Workers) were called from Turkey to get Germany back on its feet.

That is why there are many Turks in Germany today, and in every city and town of Germany, you will come across a Turkish mosque. In those difficult times, Pakistan once lent money to Germany. Like Japan, Germany has made great strides in technology, which has gradually strengthened and stabilised its economy. What is exceptional about the German Nation is that it keeps alive the names of its national heroes. For this, the German Nation adopted a specific style; they named their roads and highways after their national heroes. The uncrowned king of technology; every city in Germany has an industrial area where most of the streets are named after their scientists.

For example, names like Carl Benz, Georg Ohm, Albert Einstein, Max Planck, etc., will appear in almost every industrial area. Similarly, the streets around educational institutions and schools have been named after philosophers—for example, Karl Marx, Friedrich Schiller, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, etc. At the same time, he honoured scientists and philosophers from abroad with the same respect as a German. An example of this is a road in Heidelberg named after the Eastern poet Allama Iqbal, named Iqbal Ufer. It is also part of his tradition to erect his national heroes’ statues in the middle of most German cities.

In the list of national heroes, there is also a politician whose name the streets of many cities have been named and whose house has been given the status of a museum. The lucky politician is Konrad Adenauer, who had the honour of being elected Germany’s first chancellor.

Adenaur began his political journey under challenging circumstances. In 1906, he was elected councillor by the Centre Party in Cologne, a large city in Germany. He was promoted to vice mayor in 1909. He served as mayor of the same town from 1917 to 1933. When serving as mayor during World War I; he impressed the German Nation, the crowned Britain and the United States. He was targeted and sent to prison for two years. In 1944, there was a failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler. Adenaur was once again convicted of conspiracy to commit murder.

Germany after World War II bombing

Immediately after World War I in 1945, the US occupying forces made Konrad Adenauer mayor of Cologne. The city was later handed over to the British military, who removed Adenauer as mayor. At that time, Adenaur decided to form his political party, the CDU (Christian Democratic Union). The CDU has formed 16 times Government in Germany to date.Adenauer’s poster during the 1949 election campaign reads, “With Adenauer for Peace, Freedom, and Unity of Germany; therefore CDU.” had gone. Adenaur won the election by a landslide and was honoured, being elected Chancellor of Germany four times in a row until 1963.

He served as German chancellor until the age of 87, after which he retired from politics. Konrad Adenauer led Germany on the path of development that led to Germany becoming the world’s most stable and robust economy by 1990 when Germany decided to tear down the Berlin Wall. The historic decision to unite East and West Germany was made. As soon as Konrad Adenaur came to power, he imposed an educational and medical emergency, along with a housing scheme, on a priority basis. After Einstein left Germany, research work continued in his laboratories.

The German Nation also gave its full support. Bhutto had raised the slogan that “we will eat grass, but we will make atom bomb”. Similarly, the German Nation ate potatoes but did not give up. After World War II, there was a severe shortage of food in Germany. Potatoes were abundant in Germany, which is probably why the Germans tease them by calling them Kartoffel (Potatoes). Conditions were so bad after World War II that it was difficult for Germans to wear shoes.

Germany after World War II

At that time, it became a tradition that whoever went out of the house would wear shoes, and whoever stayed in the house would stay barefoot. This tradition of staying barefoot in the house is still alive in the German Nation. Konrad Adenaur also introduced several social policies during his tenure: Housing Scheme, Special Assistance for War Affected People and Special Benefits for Young Children, Home Honorship Scheme, Twelve Weeks of Salary for a Pregnant Woman Introduce maternity leave as well as job security law, further improvement in unemployment benefits, the special law for soldiers ‘rights, The Soldiers’ Law of 1956, child allowance, and pension scheme.

The Bundeswehr Pflicht (Armed Forces duty) enacted a law requiring every German male citizen to receive two years of military training. Angela Merkel repealed the law in 2011 after nearly 55 years.

During his tenure, Konrad Audenauer also reclaimed more than 10,000 prisoners of war from the USSR. In recognition of his invaluable services, the German Nation awarded him the title of The Most Powerful Leader of All Time. He died in the arms of his daughter’s house. His last words were, “Da jitt et nix zo kriesche!” That is, now there is no such thing to be mourned at. This meant that the country was being left in such a state that there was nothing left to cry or worry about. When he retired from politics, he did not make any will or advice to appoint a successor to his political party. Still, he was elected as the leader of the party through democratic elections in the party. He also did not call himself the lifelong leader of the party. Despite being German Chancellor four times in a row, he did not share any position with his children or relatives in the party and did not form an offshore company.

Surprisingly, he had no property or bank balance other than his hometown. Perhaps these results from Konrad Adenauer’s leadership ability and the German Nation’s full confidence that Germany is now in Europe economically and defensively. Germany is the country with the highest number of refugees in Europe, including the United Kingdom, over the past decade. The coronavirus was soon brought under control by Angela Merkel, who offered to send her to Germany for treatment if she had more patients.

According to Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahib, Imran Khan had got a desolate garden. After World War II, Germany was in ruins and had to be rebuilt by importing workers from other countries.

A comparative study of the two ruined meadows reveals the difference between the Quaid and the difference in the mood and action of the Nation behind the Quaid. There was real democracy in Germany, and no dictator felt the need to shed blood. A few families did not come to power in the name of democracy.

Like the German Nation, the day we become civilized, a high example of discipline, prioritizing national interests over personal ones, being just, and upholding the rule of law and justice, will spring up in our midst. Quaid-e-Azam had given us the national slogan “Unity-Faith-Discipline.” Unfortunately, instead of becoming a nation, we have become a scattered mob and are destroying a green garden with our own hands.