Pak envoy
urges for
use of vaccine


LONDON: Pakistan High Commissioner Moazzam Ahmad Khan has urged to every illegible member of Pakistani community to get Corona vaccinated. In a message, he said; “I wish to address you on a matter of utmost concern and urgency. As you all know, corona has emerged as the biggest threat we all have faced for decades. It has impacted almost every country and every individual in an unprecedented manner.

He said; “For many of us, this virus has brought enormous disruption to our lives in the shape of untimely departure of a near and dear one. My thoughts and prayers go out to each and every one of you who has had to bear this loss. In many other ways, the Pandemic continues to affect both our personal and professional lives, and test the limits of our fortitude.

Pak High Commissioner Moazzam Ahmad Khan

But let me assure you that I and my team at the High Commission and our Consulates, are fully aware of the difficult situation you are passing through. And we are all there to help and support you and your families in every possible manner”.

The High Commissioner said that these are indeed testing times. In this country alone, more than 100,000 precious lives have been lost to the pandemic. Though the pandemic has spared nobody, according to some estimates, South Asian communities have been disproportionately affected.

He said; “I want you all to know that the situation is not as bleak as it appears. By observing social distancing, frequent hand washing, and other instructions issued by the UK authorities, many of us have been able to ensure our own safety and health, as well as that of our families and communities.

The vaccine being rolled out expeditiously by the UK authorities affords a silver lining. It is efficacious and represents a time-tested method of preventing a communicable disease caused by pathogens”.

“It is important that you harbour no doubt, and pay no heed to the malicious and misleading information doing the rounds on social media sowing doubts about the vaccination. Indeed, after speaking to health experts and professionals, I am convinced that vaccination is our only and biggest hope for defeating this disease”.

Moazzam Ahmad Khan said; “I therefore strongly urge you to continue to cooperate with the authorities and get yourselves and your dependents vaccinated as soon as you receive the call from your GPs and health workers.

“Pakistan is also gearing up for mass vaccination. A number of vaccines have been approved for use. Their roll out is expected shortly. Precautionary measures and vaccination will InshaAllah help us fight and eventually overcome the Pandemic”.

“May Allah keep you and your dear ones healthy and grant a speedy recovery to those who are unwell, Ameen!”, he added.