Masood Khan accuses India of intensifying tension at LoC


ISLAMABAD: The AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has said that India is intensifying tension at the Line of Control to pave the way for some major adventurism against Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, and is fanning war hysteria in the region through frequent violations of the ceasefire.

“India has misconstrued Pakistan’s patience, restraint and the quest for peace as its weakness, but any adventurism by India would have serious consequences,” he cautioned.

 Strongly condemning Indian Army firing in Samahni sector of Azad Kashmir which left one civilian injured and a large number of cattle killed besides destruction of property, the state president said that 2020 was the bloodiest year in terms of the Indian brutalities.

During the year, he maintained that the Indian Army had violated the Line of Control for more than 3,000 times. As a consequence, 30 innocent civilians were martyred and more than 180 others including over 90 women and 67 children got injured or became disabled.

Sardar Masood Khan said that the coward Indian Army instead of challenging its counterparts is subjecting the innocent women and children to shelling.

Contrary to the cowardly acts of the Indian Army, he added that the Pakistan Army targets only Indian Army positions and it had never hit civilian population, women, children, schools and hospitals on the other side of the Line of Control.

 The AJK president asserted that the Indian Army is at home in ambushing innocent and defenceless civilians, and it had been doing this job for the last 73 years.

He maintained that the incident of killing of three innocent young laborers at the hands of Indian Army in Shopian district of occupied Kashmir and later placing weapons on their corpses to declare them militants and terrorists, as exposed by the Kashmir police after an in-depth investigation, should serve as an eye-opener, and the United Nations should constitute a commission of inquiry to visit occupied Kashmir and look into human rights violations there.